Studio update!

Starry nights and setting suns

Doing the happy dance over here! After all the hidden workings (water lines, electric lines, lights, etc. were finished (the contractor’s crew did all those), J began the interior. Freezing weather and rain did not help, but he has finished interior painting and began laying flooring yesterday. He decided on vinyl plank flooring that is waterproof, since we have been very happy with ours in the kitchen and hallway. He looked at the ones that mimicked wooden flooring, but ultimately decided on a tile look–Starry night, in order to lighten it up a bit, as well as not have any kind of pattern distraction.

Focal wall in Naval Blue covers north wall of both floors

The niche will hold his computer equipment etc., and be enclosed in a cabinet. A waist high railing will enclose the stair case opening.

I am uncertain why this is called starry night, unless it is a starry night in fog, but it looks good with the 3-tonal wall colors. The downstairs has a lighter gray with one dark gray focal wall and one naval blue focal wall. The bathroom has one naval blue focal wall. I am excited to see the completed interior!

After flooring, crown molding, base boards, window trim, and half-wall railing for stair

A one-man crew takes a lot more time than a crew of 2-4. Also while this is going on in the interior, we were busy outside (well, the crew was) with the retaining wall for the parking pad. After the copious amounts of rain and snow and ice, it is still drying out.

Cleaning up

The weather has been superb this week with sunshine and mild days, and it will be in the 70s today! I have taken advantage and been working in the yard with construction clean-up. I also emptied the rock wagon and have been sorting and cleaning rocks. We hope the retaining wall can be completed next week and then I will start on “beautifying” the space. That is the term used during the New Deal Administration when projects completed landscapes and other outdoor work after building schools and parks. Taking my cue from the Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Youth Administration, I will harmonize with the outdoors by use of wood and rock, native where possible. I am thinking planters, benches, and a fire-pit/conversation area for Beyonce and me.

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11 Responses to Studio update!

  1. This is really exciting. Thanks for the update and photos.

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  2. It’s looking really good! Love the flooring you chose.

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  3. Katie says:

    Love to see it coming together!

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  4. Betty says:

    It is really coming along! Looks so nice! I love the term “beautifying the space!” The accent walls look rich! Great job!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you; very pleased with his work! Even the contractor said “I believe I sold him a little short; he has done a great job on the paint.” He does have a good eye for design and color and has come a long way from the first time when he decorated his room in electric blue, neon green, and hot pink. šŸ˜±

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  5. When I saw the first few photographs, I thought there was a big hole in the floor. That could be cool in a studio for tall artwork. But then I saw it was the stairwell. Oh, well…

    Your project is coming along well.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Well, it is a big hole in the floor so far…it had a half wall, but it was poorly done and he wanted a railing, so we took it down. The sheetrock crew laid plywood over it while installing the interior walls, but it is down now to lay the floor. It will be a recording studio. It has been kind of slow going due to weather delays, but hopefully in another month it will be completed.


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