Great Back Yard Bird Count 2022

Tufted titmouse and Carolina chickadee

I usually have a lot more birds than this year. At first count early afternoon Saturday, I only spotted 2 species. By 4:30 however, the tree was filled with cardinals (5 male and 3 female), my earlier visitors of the Tufted titmouse and Carolina chickadee, 2 Carolina wrens, 2 White-throated sparrows, and 1 mourning dove and 1 crow in the trees in the woods.

Tufted titmouse

This afternoon, I spotted 2 flying crows, a mourning dove in the big pine tree, 5 juncos, 8 cardinals, 4 tufted titmouses, 6 Carolina chickadees, and a tiny little gray bird I have not yet identified. It was a pleasant afternoon watching them flying, calling to each other and what sounds like distinct conversations. One more day tomorrow for this year’s count, and there is a 90% chance of rain most of the day. It will be in the 60s, so they will still probably be at the feeders in their usual numbers–at least usual for this year.

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14 Responses to Great Back Yard Bird Count 2022

  1. That was fun to read your list of birds. I generally see the same ones.

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  2. peggy says:

    I love the little Titmouse. At the end of your post I started reading the list of birds you saw. It made me start sining the names of these birds to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas. Yes, I am weird. It has beeen over a year since I saw a lot of birds that use to be here. Our big snow in February of 2021 caused the birds to disappear. I think many must have died. We had numerous blue birds, but I have not seen one for over a year.

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  3. So many little friends offering us song and entertainment!

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  4. Spring has sprung in the South! The birds are back!

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  5. I am jealous of all your little feathered visitors. šŸ¤—

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