The view from my window

My next project

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to removing the pet door from my window into Libby’s former kennel. Thursday, I actually got around to cleaning the window, inside and outside. Wow! I can see through it! It is even worse if you consider that when I brought a tall, narrow chest home from Mother’s and stuck it in front of the tall, narrow window looking out into the kennel, it was 4 years ago. When I first put in the kennel in 2009, it was a lovely view of my garden spot, built out of necessity to maintain peace in the dog quarters, but that is a story that has been long told and long in the past.

Libby and I both enjoyed our little spot, but she has been gone a while now and it has not looked like this for years. But, I have plans to finish clearing it out and at least have a pleasant view out my window…now that there is not a chest in front of it and I can actually see through the window.

It began snowing at 6 last evening, and shortly after, electricity went off and on and then finally off. We sat in the living room with the candles lit for a couple of hours before it finally came back on but by then it was bedtime and still snowing–both cars were covered and it was still coming down. I was brushing my teeth when the electricity went off again, and I had to feel for one of the “emergency” flash light lanterns we keep in each room. [Yes, it happens a lot and we learned it is best to be prepared for it.] It is melting rapidly this morning in the full sun and clear blue sky…but at least I can see it through my clean window.

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  1. frony says:

    Nice photos. That is a beautiful tree in the photos with the cardinal, what kind of tree is it? I hope your electricity is back on. You have a nice blog.


  2. Suzassippi says:

    Thank you, frony. Electric came back on last night–the wind was pretty high, so it was likely related to that. The tree is a box elder maple, which I only discovered last year. I had been told it was a redbud, but in a conversation with a fellow blogger, she asked if it was maple, so I looked it up. I love it in the winter when the bare branches are filled with cardinals, but this time of year as it starts to bloom is my favorite.


  3. Betty says:

    I hear the song in my head, “I can see clearly now the snow is gone…” I look forward to seeing what you do with this cozy spot. I love the cardinal at the bird feeder, and that little mosaic table in there is right up my alley, too. Those plants growing in the sun have me yearning for warmer days of spring and summer. The 4 years that went by don’t matter. Today is what counts. Good luck!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Betty, and now I will have that song in my head, too! The little mosaic table is long gone, as are most of the things in there. I still have the three iron planter stands, and the fish. I think I will put down concrete pavers this time–it was really hard to mow when it had grass!

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  4. So glad you are prepared for the weather! I just got a delivery of a Christmas present I ordered for my husband last November, an emergency solar and crank powered AM/FM emergency station radio/flashlight/phone charger. We had a similar one for years that we used camping but it disappeared after one trip.
    Love the cardinal!

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  5. cupcakecache says:

    Pretty back yard! You are in the country!

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  6. Suzassippi says:

    Thank you–it is the front yard, but yes, in the country a bit. Only about 2 miles from town.


  7. peggy says:

    I like your view. Apparently the snow we got here traveled right over to Mississippi. Most of ours melted today. Had 4 inches.

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  8. Julia says:

    I am glad you have your power back. I am just amazed at how much snow you are getting this year in Mississippi. We had a bit of wind here (Kingsland, GA in the St Mary’s KOA). The campground is in the tall pines and a branch fell about 5 to 6 feet on the road behind my husband just after he passed under the tree. Nox didn’t mind the tree branch falling, but it bothered him. It made me think of your recent post about a branch almost falling on you!

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  9. It’s amazing the difference a clean window makes. (Of course, I’m typing this through eye glasses in dire need of cleaning.πŸ™„) We are always amazed at the difference when we break down and clean the kitty nose prints off the windows.

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  10. Wayne Carter says:

    I stumbled onto your excellent article back in 2012 (I believe) comparing the similar designs of First Baptist Church Pontotoc and First United Methodist Church of Batesville, MS, both having been birthed in the mind J.E. Greene. I’ve been working on a short article for our Church Family on Facebook regarding other churches whose design is similar to ours. I’m a member of First Baptist, Pontotoc. If you have not already, you’d be most welcome to “step inside” and check out the beauty of our buildings.
    I am requesting permission to use your photo of FUMC Batesville in my article. How shall I credit it.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you for your request to use the photograph, Mr. Carter, and also your kind invitation to see the interior. You have permission to use the photograph (and others of FUMC Batesville or Pontotoc) in your article. I have not been to Pontotoc in some while, but perhaps a visit will be possible later this spring! Please credit the photo as Susan C Allen. I would enjoy reading your article if it will be available–I do appreciate church architecture and their history. I grew up in 3 historic FUMCs and have many great memories of the buildings and my time in them.


  11. I thought we were special in Saskatchewan. Our power is hit and miss during the summer. The power company claims it is a squirrel issue. Nice to know rodents can take out our infrastructure. πŸ˜‰

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  12. I love little outdoor nooks like yours! Promise you’ll show us the transformation?

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