Celebrate the small things

To cleaning, chocolate cookies, and air conditioning/heating installation! Served on Mom’s grocery store china “Diane” pattern; Smith Bros. hibiscus-mango tea in Mom’s romance book wine glass; hand made mat by Bobbie Cornelhs.

The air conditioning/heating units are installed in the studio–time for another celebration! I lost 2 additional pounds–time for another celebration! I am still standing–time for another celebration!

After a couple of days without more rain, and intermittent sunshine, yesterday morning the AC man showed up. In what is one of the great ironies of life however, it was the original AC man…you know, the one who did not show up nor call twice in a two week period…6 weeks ago. Then, within an hour, the replacement AC man came to complete the exterior hook-ups and installation, and voilà–J has air and heat–the kind controlled with a thermostat. Time for a celebration.

The Great Delta Chocolate Cookie Adventure

I am not going to tell you how long it has been since I actually cleaned house…I have my reasons for not having done so. But let’s just say if “dust” composed of dust, dog hair, and cobwebs had a market, I could supplement my retirement income quite nicely. By early afternoon, I was ready for a break and decided to make those chocolate cookies–yes, the ones with the 3 cups of powdered sugar to make 8 cookies. Apparently, I cannot bake any more without not having something I thought I had–cocoa, which is pretty essential in baking anything chocolate. Up to Dollar General, and finally after two passes through the baking aisle, I found the Hershey’s cocoa…1 of only 2 pouches. Whew!

I seriously considered reducing that 3 cups of powdered sugar, at least to only 2 1/2, but thought if I was going to tinker with a recipe (aka Dorothy’s instructions), I should at least try the original first so I knew how much tinkering to tinker. I will fast forward here, because those cookies were a lot of work. I ultimately decided to make smaller cookies so instead of the 8 large, I made 18 medium sized cookies, which reduced the per cookie calorie count to only 99 instead of the 223 per the recipe. I really need to go to the supermercado so last night’s dinner was prepared from the freezer and the pantry, but mighty tasty, with a cookie (galleta de chocolate) for dessert. They were described in the recipe as a crisp crust with a chewy center and tunnels of chocolate. My first thought was they looked like my mother’s brownie recipe. Rand’s first bite and he said “Tastes like a brownie…a too sweet brownie.” The dough was very thick, so I think reducing the sugar would work just fine however…

It would be much easier and with almost identical results to just make Mom’s brownie recipe. It was a regular dessert in our home growing up. Still, two Mississippi Delta traditions are now in my repertoire: fish & spaghetti (a regular Friday ‘thang’ albeit their version is fried catfish and spaghetti with tomato sauce and ground beef) and these chewy chocolate cookies from the former Delta Deli, “cobbled together” by Mississippi chef and cook book author Martha Foose. I believe it is part of the continuing Delta education of Suzassippi.

Frittata with left-over egg yolks. Frittata con yemas de huevo y espinacas, papas, queso parmesano, y la cúrcuma

I added a tablespoon of milk (la leche) to the 3 egg yolks so they would not be quite as thick. It was a delicious start to the day! I am powered for more cleaning. Time to celebrate!

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13 Responses to Celebrate the small things

  1. Betty says:

    Your meals are works of art! Congratulations on your recent milestones and accomplishments. It is a real accomplishment to lose 2 pounds. As far as those sweet cookies – as my Grandma would say, “Anything in moderation.” She was an expert baker of cakes, pies and cookies; yet, she was never overweight. All I have to do is look at a cookie and that darn scale goes up. The chicken breast looks very tasty, too. It’s all about the seasonings, I think. Happy Friday!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Betty. It is a little like “playing dress-up” to me. I do not do it all the time, but right now, it is important to help me stay motivated. A little sprinkle from the Italian seasonings grinder on the tilapia–I got the idea based on the Mississippi Delta’s Friday tradition for fish and spaghetti, but this is the healthy version. 🙂

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  2. peggy says:

    My my a cook, a house cleaner, a comedian, and definitely a Mississippi gal these days. Less sugar helps the weight disappear. Chocolate – I have not had chocolate for a long time – it does sound good. “Celebration time come on!” Isn’t that a title of a song?

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  3. Yes, you do have reason to celebrate! Those cookies/brownies look good. I am still trying to get motivated to do spring cleaning. Have been waiting for warm weather and now it is here. Maybe I need a power breakfast

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  4. Your photos are always so beautifully staged!

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  5. Nice cookies and attractive photos of them. My wife and I have always drastically reduced the sugar content in recipes of baked goods. You easily get used to less sugar and calories.

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  6. janebye says:

    That frittata is gorgeous! I want me some. 🙂

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