Good morning, rayita de sol!

Sea shores I have loved

Good morning from a beautiful sunny blue sky in north Mississippi. It is a little chilly out still with mid-50s, but a perfect day for doing outdoor chores this afternoon when it reaches the 60s. It is incredibly uplifting to see the sunshine, and we will again tomorrow before the rains come Monday…the same day the plumbing to the studio is scheduled for completion…going to hazard a guess that the only running water J will have for a few more days is the little rivulet on it way down the driveway.

In other incredible sights seen by looking out of a window, Johnny Winter was grooming himself in the conservatory. Now he is snoozing in that little patch of sunshine. I am behind schedule on this project, but fortunately, it is not going anywhere any time soon.

From Great Origins Tea

While I am a devoted and loyal consumer of Rakkasan Tea Company’s organic teas sourced from post-conflict countries and cannot foresee that ever changing, I have needs they cannot currently fulfill. Rakkasan actually introduced me to Moringa Leaf tea, which is not a tea but a tisane. They added herbal teas from Ethiopia in 2019, and I tried the African whole-leaf moringa and loved it. It is native only to Ethiopia and northern Kenya. It is considered a “superfood” due to the significant nutrition and health benefits. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, calcium, protein, iron, amino acids, antioxidants (web MD). I would generally drink a cup after I finished my morning tea, or later in the day when I avoid caffeine. It has a mild, grassy-like aroma, kind of earthy, and is a pale green in the cup. I would also drop the leaves into pasta water–they are edible, and I thought they added a unique subtle dimension to the pasta. Unfortunately, it is no longer available through Rakkasan, so I went on the hunt for it, now that I am re-invested in my well-being–especially since I see the rapid results at the moment, which I want to reinforce–Behavior Modification works, ya’ll. It arrived yesterday and I had a cup for my afternoon break. It had a pleasing aroma and taste, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I also enjoy rooibos, the South African “red bush” tea that is also not tea. I was introduced to it on my first visit to South Africa in 2001, and brought home a box. Thereafter, I brought home a box (or two) on every trip. From Great Origins also had a loose leaf rooibos, so I ordered a pouch. It is delightful after dinner (or any time of day, frankly, and I often started my day with a cup of rooibos with breakfast while in South Africa). I normally drink it plain as I do all my tea, but on occasion, I appreciate it with a little sugar and warm milk as it is generally served in South Africa. While I am currently abstaining from alcohol, it is also quite lovely with a splash of Amarula, the South African cream liqueur in place of milk.

And now, time to get to work–as my Papa Rogers used to say, “Daylight’s burning.” Ya’ll have a nice rest of your day now, ‘ya hear?

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6 Responses to Good morning, rayita de sol!

  1. peggy says:

    The sunshine was nice today. Rain for us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and perhaps some bad weather. Your tea sounds delicious – glad you managed to acquire the tea you were looking for. Have a nice day tomorrow.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Peggy. Looks like we are weather companions again. I was excited to find moringa tea, as so far, all I had located was the powder to be mixed in smoothies. It may provide a bump of nutrition to a smoothie, but I wanted to enjoy it in a cup. I hope you have a good day tomorrow as well.

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  2. Betty says:

    I can see that sunshine has perked you up! Oh, the simple pleasures! I can see you are definitely going to enjoy this day. Sure as Johnny Winter is enjoying his spot in the sun.

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  3. janebye says:

    It kinda bugs me that drinks that have no tea in them can be called teas but I know I am splitting hairs (or tea leaves). I have learned that any drink made with plants can be called tea…so I will not be so snooty any more. 🙂 Love your window sill and the conservatory!

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