‘There’s a light…a special kind of light’: I can see the end of the tunnel!

Cloudy in the East

I went out to feed the cats and birds this morning and had to marvel at the sunrise behind the clouds. I knew rain was coming, and figured it would delay the scheduled plumbing work on the studio today. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful sight that greeted me as I hung the feeders.

The creeping perennial began to bloom this week, and the clover blooms have begun. The lavender bush is starting to come back. The rain washed away the pine pollen again and the air smelled clean and damp.

And then, I saw it–the most gorgeous sight ever, covered in mud. My heart skipped a beat, and I sent up a soft ‘thank you’ of gratitude.

Beauty in everything.

I wanted to do the happy dance, but I was in my flip-flops and long bathrobe, standing on the edge of the retaining wall, so I decided to hold the celebration until I had on proper dancing shoes. A movement caught my eye, and there was yet another glorious sighting for the morning:

The miraculous two-headed Mississippi Taylor Hillside deer.

And then just as miraculously, he/she split in half and headed toward the woods. I thought I heard one of them whisper “looks like breakfast is over.” Take a closer look before all you see is their tail[lights] in the dust.

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23 Responses to ‘There’s a light…a special kind of light’: I can see the end of the tunnel!

  1. Betty says:

    Beautiful post! I have never seen a two-headed Mississippi Taylor Hill deer. If I ever do – or any two-headed animal for that matter, it’ll be on a Friday Funny. I think the changes you’ve made to your eating recently have turbo-boosted your enthusiasm energy! Have a great day!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you so much, Betty, for your kind comments, your funny humor, and most of all, just for who you are. You never fail to bring a smile to my face, or a joyful tear to my eye, or at least a sobering thought to my mind. I know you are right about the changes. I learned some while ago that when I was in “that place” that it was only temporary, and to go through it, I needed to feel it first. There is a saying we used in therapy: HALT–never get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired. My colleague added an S–never get too sick. I have found HALTing before I start a change can help me see the path forward. One might think by now I would know that, and practice proactive HALTing, but I find I still gain insights from being in the valley as well as on the mountaintop. You have a great day as well–it is a good day to have a great day. 🙂

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      • Betty says:

        This reminds me of when I was growing up. I’d be upset about something, and my mom would say, “Go to sleep. It will be better in the morning.” I would think, “How can it be better? It will still all be the same!” But, invariably, it was better in the morning. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

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  2. What a great read! I had to go all the way to opening the images in new tabs to enlarge them! This was fun. And your skies this morning- wowza! I love a morning sky just about more than any other. –And, I agree with Betty- you are off & running now. All that healthy living is good for you! Spring is in the Air!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you Roatan! Yes, I am, and yes, it is and yes, it is! I do not know why the photos do not enlarge on click any more–I have been reading up on it, but I have to right click on almost everyone’s anymore and open in a new tab. J is building his kitchen cabinets, and once that is finished and the toilet/sink are in, it is just touching up the walls and he/we are done!


  3. Julia says:

    I am impressed by your photo of the two headed deer! What timing!

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  4. Mags says:

    Nice captures of beauty around your place.

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  5. I love your plants and wildlife. We seem to be making a return to winter before we see any greenery here. At least we are supposed to miss the worst of the blizzard that it supposed to hit areas around us. Have a great week and do a happy dance once you get your dancing shoes on! 💞

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Anne Marie. I saw a groundhog a couple of weeks ago–it was the mystery critter I first saw last year but could not identify. I do not know if he/she saw its shadow, but when he/she heard me, it disappeared back off the hillside, no doubt to its burrow. Fortunately, he was only frightened by me and spring was not delayed. Hope you will get some green soon, and at least, maybe no blizzard woes.

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  6. Congratulations! Those Mississippi Taylor Hill deer are beyond rare. I always thought they were just a myth!

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  7. You had reason to do a happy dance with the glorious morning, blooming plants and strange deer! One day at a time!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      So true, but it was really spotting the plumber’s trailer parked by the studio that sent me whooping for joy. The rain stopped, the sun came out, and he is under the studio hooking up water lines and the pipes for the water treatment system!


  8. peggy says:

    Sorry – since I lost my sight in my left eye I fail to see anything much anymore unless it is crystal clear. I strain to read – so I will take everyone’s word that there is a two headed deer in your picture.


  9. janebye says:

    Hurray for beautiful sights, two headed deer and the plumber’s trailer! 🙂

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