The good thing about April deluges: They wash away the pine pollen

Man, the paparazzi around here are getting bold! You can’t even go out to eat without one showing up!

Yesterday late afternoon was quite lovely, with intermittent rays of sunshine and darkening skies. It was too breezy out for a fire, but as I was enjoying the view, I saw the first indigo bunting of the season and went in to retrieve the camera. Of course, I had a long wait afterwards before he returned!

The box elder maple seeds are almost spent and only the little hanging flowers remain. This is my favorite part of their spring cycle–it is like looking at hundreds of little wings clustered on the branches.

And then at last the little blue indigo bunting appeared, flying from tree to tree as of taunting me. I kept reminding myself that patience is necessary in nature–‘ya just cannot rush the time nor experience. I was able to get a couple of focused snaps before the first raindrop hit me, and suddenly they started falling hard, fast, and big splats! I gathered my things and barely made the porch before it was a giant sheet of rain, and the birds were going wild on the ground, showering whilst eating the seed splashing out of the feeders. The small simple things of life, right Beth?

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16 Responses to The good thing about April deluges: They wash away the pine pollen

  1. peggy says:

    We get a lot of the Indigo Buntings here, but have not seen one this year – yet. You captured some nice photos of this blue beauty.

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  2. Mags says:

    Beautiful photos!

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  3. Betty says:

    Beautiful captures! I don’t usually see blue indigo bunting, but we do see lots of cardinals. Watching the birds is a real treat! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. I am thrilled to see your indigo bunting. We have them here, but I’m not good at spotting them. I did see my first hummingbird a few minutes ago. That’s always special for me.

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  5. I’m not sure if we have indigo buntings around here. And an amen on the rain washing away the pine pollen! I’m fighting a pollen-induced headache today; so far the headache is winning. My allergies don’t seem to be as bad when we visit our kids in SC; there aren’t as many pines in their area.


    • Suzassippi says:

      I empathize. It is better here today again, thanks to rain yesterday. We are surrounded by pines on all sides. But the little blue buntings are so cute perched in the pine trees. 🙂
      Hope you feel better soon!


  6. I love all of your little birds. We could use a good rain to clear away all of the dust and mold, etc that has been under the snow all winter. More fresh snow is just not the same!

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  7. Nice job photographing an Indigo bunting. I have not seen one in a couple of years, so maybe I need to look around in the woods more carefully. I do not see them at or near my feeder in Vicksburg.

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