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Memorial Day 2022

Thank you to all who have served. In memory of Dad, Uncle Glen, Uncle Bill, and my brother by another mother, Lynn.

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Cxffeeblack: Memphis entrepreneurs

I am a believer in putting your money where your mouth is. A value has little value if it is not put into action. It is one of the reasons I support Rakkasan Tea, and now a reason I will … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s magnolia

Magnolias are losing their stamens–the pollinators will be tracking all over, carrying on the work of cross pollination…and the life cycle continues.

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Wordless Wednesday…wonder if?

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Magnolia Madness in May: I promise to stop soon

Overnight, the magnolia flowers decided “it’s time.” I checked this morning and three of the blooms from yesterday have opened. There is a tiny ant on the carpels–the yellow cone-shaped part. These will be home to the female gametophytes. Below, … Continue reading

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The blooming of the magnolia has begun!

Breakfast with the sweet magnolia this morning! Amazing how overnight things can so quickly change. Perhaps it was the little mini flash flood rain late evening that pushed the blooms to open up. Last evening, none were beyond the early … Continue reading

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What is it about Magnolia Grandiflora?

We have lived in this house now for a little over 18 years now. This year, the number of buds appearing are far more than ever before. I am not certain what it will look like when they all begin … Continue reading

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Have I mentioned Groundhog Day?

A few weeks ago, I saw “the critter” from last year that I could never figure out what it was. That was the first, and since then, only time I had seen it until the day I looked out the … Continue reading

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Do the next thing: Breathe.

Yes, Taylor Hill is still on the list of things to be mended. I have not tackled any of the things on the list of “what needs doing now?” since the great mishap of the injured muscles. But time has … Continue reading

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Just do the next thing and cross it off the list

Lately life on the hillside has been a mite fractious. Sometimes, I do not know with certainty if I am coming or going…or standing still. I have likened it of late to being stuck in Groundhog Day. I suppose the … Continue reading

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