What is it about Magnolia Grandiflora?

We have lived in this house now for a little over 18 years now. This year, the number of buds appearing are far more than ever before. I am not certain what it will look like when they all begin to open, but it is curious to me that there are so many more than ever before. I have a theory about why, and once I finish researching it, I will do a follow up. Perhaps by then, all these hundreds of buds will begin to bloom. Meanwhile, happy Sunday!

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24 Responses to What is it about Magnolia Grandiflora?

  1. It’s going to be magnificent!

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  2. The Magnolia has always been precious to us, too. It was Mike’s mom’s favorite flowering tree. After she passed we were always “going to” buy one in her memory. Hmm, our intention was good! I can’t wait to read what you unearth about all of this year’s buds!

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  3. Julia says:

    Here in north Alabama, the magnolias are blooming. I love to see tall magnolia trees, such a deep glossy green, covered in the large white flowers. The flowers seem to glow against the deep green leaves.

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  4. Beth says:

    Oh my! That is amazing and I’m anxious to read about your theory after it’s researched. I love the magnolias of Mississippi; Texas just can’t compete!

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  5. Betty says:

    I am wondering if it is due to the heat… They are beautiful trees. I’ll have to notice how the ones in our neighborhood are doing. We are all hoping for a picture when in full bloom!

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  6. peggy says:

    Ah Magnolias are beautiful and the fragrance is overwhelming.

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  8. utahan15 says:

    cousin bena had a magnola bush and she was in utah!

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  9. utahan15 says:

    picture that. lovely imagery. cousin bena passed in 1990. she was unique. real name virginia aka albina aka bena

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  10. My mother-in-law loved to cut magnolia blooms and float them in saucers scattered around her home. One year she insisted I take one home with me and do the same. That was the year that I learned that being in an enclosed area (such as my home) with a magnolia blossom was a bad idea; the scent gave me a raging headache.


    • Suzassippi says:

      I can understand that–just being outside up close photographing them can be pretty powerful. While I do bring cut flowers into my home, I have never brought in a magnolia. I just cannot bear to cut them–they do not last long enough as it is, and at least outside, the pollinators can do their job, as well as eat.


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