A change of pace and a change of view

Lake Patsy from the far side

Yesterday as I went to walk, I opted again for Lamar Park. It was a little earlier than I had been walking, so still a good deal of sun on the trail. I decided to take the path I had never traveled, on the far side of the lake. Lamar Park was formerly part of the Oxford Country Club, just across the highway from the University of Mississippi. There are old growth trees, and beautiful houses surrounding the park, and what I presume was the former golf course. I have been unable to locate anything more specific other than a 1965 article that described a tournament being held at the new and only partially completed University golf course and the “near-by” Oxford Country Club golf course. The UM course is northeast of Lamar Park. The entrance to this housing area is still named Country Club Road, as is the road that runs along side the park. This trail also gave me a view of houses I had never seen before, which would originally have fronted onto the golf course.

Canadian geese

As I topped the first little ridge, I saw a small group of geese. Canadian geese are among the bird species who occupy the park year round. Did you know a gaggle of geese only refers to when they are on the ground? If flying, they are called a skein. I had wondered why I saw no ducks or geese around the lake on prior walks, and now I knew–the trail on that side of the lake is …ahem…well-marked with goose droppings. They were not particularly concerned with my presence and continued on about their business of feeding and pooping. Apparently (in another of the “did you know” category) Canadian geese poop about every 20 minutes and can produce up to 1.5 pounds in a day. Tuck that away in case Jeopardy ever has a category for that topic.

“Be careful…I was just up there on that trail.”

Most of this section of the trail was in shade and it was a most relaxing and enjoyable walk. I circled around and returned to the other side as there was one more sculpture I wanted to photograph.

This was my “best” ever walk (since beginning to use the walking app) and I set a personal record for distance, time, and steps and the resulting calories burned. It was hard work, but also very uplifting and reinforcing, reminding me of why I am doing this: ain’t ready yet.

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26 Responses to A change of pace and a change of view

  1. Betty says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to walk! Thanks for the info about the geese. I just have to learn a million more things, and then I’ll be ready for Jeopardy. Maybe. Is the sculpture you photographed to be featured in a future blog post? Great reflections in the lake!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, Betty, and I am happy to help you move toward Jeopardy…in case that is a long-term goal. Of course, sculpture coming up! The reflections in the lake were what caught my eye–you do not see them from the other side, which is where I have always been.

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      • Betty says:

        I do not have enough time left on the planet to have Jeopardy as a goal. The best I can hope for is to get some answers correct when we watch it on tv or play it on Alexa. I am looking forward to seeing the sculpture.

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  2. You have beautiful green places to walk! Enjoy!

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  3. I recently learned that there are different names for a group of vultures depending on whether they are at rest (a committee), in flight (a kettle), or feeding (a wake). Who knew?

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Not me, that is for sure! I love the connection in a committee and a wake as to human association, but you have to admit, saying I saw a kettle of vultures might give someone a “whaaat?” moment. 🙂


  4. Wow, what a beautiful Park to walk through- goose poop and all!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      I did enjoy seeing the other side of it! To be honest, I never really thought there was anything over there! Just goes to show, sometimes ya gotta turn over a rock.


  5. peggy says:

    Well, I am happy you found this beautiful area to explore and get in a good walk. Thanks for that tip about geese and their bathroom havbits. Ha

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  6. Mags says:

    That is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your nice walk in photos. Have a great day!

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  7. Julia says:

    Lovely pictures of the lake!

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  8. Beth says:

    The pictures are just beautiful and everything looks so peaceful, perfect for those mind-emptying walks! I’m surprised there isn’t more on the Country Club and the golf course. I remember hearing comments about it, but nothing specific. Maybe some of the older locals would know – or the Oxford Eagle? Oh and as far as bird poop-there is an unwalkable picnic area at Brackenridge Park where the birds roose and hang out. I need to call my City Councilman to see if the City is doing anything. They have geese, ducks, and white water birds congregating there. ugh

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  9. Beautiful! You are doing great with your walking. Only 3 more days and I can go with Molly. 🤗.
    We have a big lake at the south end of Regina. There are countless Canadian Geese there and they do poop the the place up. 😯

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