Monday morning musings

Looks like another day of taking it easy inside–heat advisory until 9. Good thing I finished the mowing last evening. In other news, finally reached the 10 pound weight loss. Perhaps if I would get a little more consistent, it would help. I have kept up the activity as much as possible, being able to walk only 13 times so far in July compared with 15 in June. I do stepping and dancing in the house, but it is not as helpful to me as the walking. I added music to my walking routine, and it is amazing how much more effective it is for me!

I was planning to try Dorothy’s grilled Napa cabbage recipe, but there was nary a Napa cabbage to be found yesterday. Looks like I might have to make the sacrifice and drive to Fresh Market, right?

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15 Responses to Monday morning musings

  1. It will be worth the trip!
    It’s been hot here too, but today it is a lovely 80 with much less humidity. The weekend was brutal, but we had some thunderstorms roll through that cooled things off.
    Have a lovely day!

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  2. Katie says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Hopefully the heat lets up soon. It’s been awful here, too.

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  3. Jessica says:

    Beautiful art!!!!!! So pretty! Congratulations on the 10 pounds! 🙂

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  4. Beth says:

    Ten pounds lost is very good! I think you are doing it very sensibly by being flexible, yet with an idea of keeping to the routine. Walking now – or anything outdoors – is almost impossible unless done before 9 a.m. and there is no relief in sight.

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  5. Betty says:

    Congratulations! Ten pounds is huge! I recently read to lose weight – change what you eat. Then exercise to stay healthy. You are doing great!

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  6. Congrats on the weight loss! That is great. 😊 I lose ten and gain back four. I know it will come off eventually.
    We just had a pretty good rain but supposed to be sunny and warm for the best couple of weeks. Our garden will soon be a jungle.

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