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The view from my window

Life is like a vessel We fill it up With things Memories, objects, hopes, dreams Sometimes The weight of it Cracks –neither good nor bad– But it empties out all the same Pouring gifts Losing hope The message depends on … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to ‘mi esposo favorito’

Today is the birthday of the wonderful guy to whom I have had the good fortune to be married for the last 41 years and the honor of being the father of my only son. I once said I could … Continue reading

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I had my first blowout…

…not a party or a hairstyle…the kind that happen in a car while driving. The tire did not survive, but I did of course, or I would not be telling this tale today. If it had to happen, I was … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s child: A mash-up

Recent items: repaired two pillows that Steffi decided were chew toys mowed the front yard before the rain came today trimmed grass from the sidewalk, edge of fence, house, and retaining wall pinched finger in the hinge while locking the … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Table: Current Project

In talking with my sis a few days ago, I told her about working on the backfill for the retaining wall: loading 3 5-gallon buckets of dirt half full and carting them over in the wagon. She laughed, and said, … Continue reading

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Fish and shrimp and a new fan!

After another really productive few days, I keep seeing progress. In an adapted version of Dorothy’s baked fish from last week, I utilized tilapia and shrimp last night. The tilapia went in the oven with olive oil, a little white … Continue reading

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Missing in Action

Let me introduce myself again. Things have been really busy here on the hillside and I have gotten a lot done, which did not involve blogging. I miss the connections, but then, when one seldom goes anywhere at the moment, … Continue reading

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Rain, cooler temperatures, more rain, and meditations from the dock

Rain is currently abundant here and cooling things off in some welcome relief from the heat. After the rain let up yesterday, I took the opportunity for a cooler walk. Almost all the way around the lake, and the geese … Continue reading

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