Dwayne just moved in to the new kitchen

Dwayne the Rock robot

Yes, Randy has added another tech to the household. But I am not complaining! Robbie finally bit the dust. He had gone through several spells of deciding he was done and heading home to the dock, whereupon he would fail to attach himself. He might or might not roam around and then just stop in the middle of the kitchen. Rosie was still doing her excellent job of mopping, but either she would mop with dog hair still not vacuumed (and you know what that looked like!) or else Robbie would not send her the signal that he was done. Either way, it was a mess. Randy tried fixing Robbie and did get him to return to the job a couple of times, but then, it was just time to say goodbye. In yet another of the giant corporate conspiracies where they just want you to buy a new whatever it was, they said they could not fix Robbie and we would just have to replace him. Clearly, that is not true, since Rando and J were able to do repairs twice that kept him running–after the company said he was unfixable. But I digress.

Dwayne the Rock, who vacuums, empties the bag, mops and self-fills with water and then self-empties the water.

This time, Randy went back to the Roborock. You might remember The Rock from our second foray into robot cleaning. The Rock also had a mop function. Sometime later, Randy decided to get a roomba system, which had separate units doing the vacuuming and mopping. The roomba had docking stations for each, and self-emptied the vacuum into its bin. Rosie still had to be filled with water and emptied, but the system was very functional, until the day Robbie went wheels up for good.

Randy said we could not name the new guy the Rock, since we had already had one, so he would be Dwayne. Sometimes, Randy’s humor is lost of me and I said, “Dwayne? Like Dwayne the bathtub?” Duh. Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson, who of course, now just goes by Dwayne. Dwayne–being so famous now, is the priciest robot system we have ever had, each one costing more than the last one. I said I did not care if it meant I was not doing the vacuuming and mopping. Dwayne arrived Friday.

You may recall that we designed the new kitchen to house a space for the robot docking stations under the counter.

Robbie and Rosie docking stations

Alas, Dwayne being muscle dude like his namesake, was bigger and took up more room. If the docking station went there, you would not be able to sit at the counter. Randy tried at the end of the counter, by the electric plug. Nope, stuck out too far. He moved the water cooler and placed it next to the pantries, where the original docking stations were prior to the renovation.

Steffi and I don’t like it here, but what are ya gonna do?

I will have to figure out how to revise the way this end looks now, as this is just not working for me. It was perfect for the water cooler, which had the lamp on top and my tapestry I got during the great RV camping trip to Florida. Now, it is all unbalanced. I am working on what might help it not scream “big robot docking station” so obviously, but it is not as pressing at the moment as the other stuff I am working on. One has to make sacrifices for bigger and better technology, and granted, I surely do not want to have to vacuum and mop these floors every day myself.

That’s the excitement for today and I am off to the shower and the grocery store, the recycle delivery, and maybe the inspiration for what might work in this corner. Labor Day–they are all like that currently.

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19 Responses to Dwayne just moved in to the new kitchen

  1. Good luck with finding a place that works. Clever to have planned ahead for a place for him. Don’t think I would have a place for him in my kitchen. But it would be nice not to have to mop. Your floors look good!

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  2. Suzassippi says:

    Me thinks Rando should have measured the space under the counter before he bought Dwayne! Thanks on the floors–it has really helped with keeping things clean.


  3. Betty says:

    The time you save not vacuuming and mopping could be spent to think up a solution for Dwayne’s home. To me, it is a great trade-off to not have to clean the floors! Perhaps you will share your solution in a future post!

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  4. You had a busy, busy day. I did major weeding between rain showers, having already been knocked out of the morning walk by rain. Today felt more like a holiday after neighbor Joyce came to porch sit in the afternoon.

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  5. I don’t do well with robot vacuums. I get so frustrated with them going over the same section multiple times while ignoring other areas, I just pull out the regular vacuum and do it myself. Kenn says I’m a control freak, LOL. He’s probably not wrong.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      We have not had that problem but each brand does have its own quirks. Robbie would vacuum and Rosie would mop in sections. Dwayne vacuums a straight line, backs up and mops it. He is doing a great job so far!


  6. I think the new robostation ‘Rocks’. Dan and I were talking about having a bigger house lately. With Molly, we would definitely need robo cleaners to help me out but I am not sure if they would chase Molly or if Molly would chase them. Either way, I can see there being an issue.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Anne. We have only 2 lab mixes left. Steffi doesn’t like anything that moves (other than me or Randy or Abby) and Abby has been here so long it’s “chill. no big deal.” It has made our indoor dog life infinitely better. The robots never chased our dogs, and “as best I can recall” they never chased them. However, Molly being a true herding dog…right?


  7. Beth says:

    Oh the fun, convenience, and misery of modern conveniences. I have had three Roombas. The first was junk and lasted a year. The second was a little better, lasting 2 years when the battery refused to charge. The third one has been running faithfully for several years and is my lifesaver with dogs bringing in yard debris. It was the cheapest, plainest Roomba and I’ve only had to clean the docking terminals once. It does entertain me because sometimes it runs briefly and returns to the dock as if to say, “I’m done for now, that’s all you get from me”. Other times is runs and runs until it collapses in the floor and has to be rescued.

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