First fire in the new fire pit

Smokeless fire pit

Randy bought a new fire pit this summer. It is smokeless, once you get the fire started. I have been working on Grandma’s table and continuing the front yard/front porch clean up and he asked if I wanted to move it down to the patio/parking pad and try it out.

A little later, he came out to see how I liked it. By then, the fire had burned down a little, so I showed him what this baby can do.

Watch this!

It has a center cone so you can stack the wood around it, like a teepee, to get it started. As it burns down, the coals fall onto a grate that has small round holes that draw air up from the bottom and keep the coals really hot. Adding wood to the coals results in the fire drawing air from the small circular holes at the top, and it blazes up quickly. First time I have ever had a fire that I did not have to add some small kindling or even another piece of fatwood. Once it started, it never went out until I let it go out.

After I let it burn out, I gathered up the table pieces and took everything inside. I told Randy he might have made an error, in that it was so awesome to keep that fire going by just adding a chunk or two of limbs. He said, “So we are not having salmon tacos for supper?” I laughed and said, “It’s your fault! You asked if I wanted to try out the new fire pit.” It turned out to be a good night for pizza.

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26 Responses to First fire in the new fire pit

  1. Katie says:

    Pizza by the fire sounds like the perfect way to spend an early fall evening. 🙂

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  2. Fancy fire pit – looks great! Pizza night can be any night!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      It is pretty fancy. Randy loves new toys. 🙂
      We have a new pizza place just up the road from us, so it is quicker than going all the way across town, plus, we like it better. We have had a lot of pizza of late!


  3. peggy says:

    Wow – such a neat fire pit. I am sure you will be enjoying that a lot. Pizza is good, Ha

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  4. Betty says:

    Looks so nice! Love that first picture with the golden trees in the background and the blue chair. Hope you have many wonderful Fall fires in it. Pizza is always good!

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  5. Love a fire pit! We’ve been sitting around them, gazing at the flames, telling stories, forever!

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  6. Jessica says:

    Wowsa!! That is cool!!! Mind if I ask where he got it?

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  7. Mags says:

    That looks like a nice fire pit first I have seen like it. Enjoy!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Mags. We had not seen one either, but Randy watched a video on how to build a smokeless one using a metal ring and landscape blocks. He is not nearly as interested in building one as having one, so he found this one “for me.” 🤨

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  8. janebye says:

    So nice! Looks inviting! I think we need a reunion around the fire pit.

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  9. Nice fire pit, Sue! There still seems to be a fair amount of smoke or does it just look like that in the photos. I would love to have a fire pit but I am allergic to trees – and all things treeish – fresh cut lumber, sawdust, woodsmoke….

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  10. Nice! I wonder what it is about fire that so fascinating?

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