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Mother’s Button Box

From as long as I can remember, Mother kept buttons in a gold colored tin that had once held a fruitcake. Probably, a good number of those buttons had been previously possessed by her mother and grandmother. When shirts became … Continue reading

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Ukraine: an inspiration and a commentary

There is so much demanding our attention these days. It is overwhelming as it pulls us in different directions. It makes it difficult to know where to focus when we want to make a difference. As I was working on … Continue reading

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About that tradition…

Except for the occasional grilling or barbecuing or smoking that Randy does on the Texas Trio Grill and Smoker, I am the chef around here. It gets tiresome on occasion, since unlike in Texas, I don’t have a herd of … Continue reading

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The view from Taylor Mountain

Yesterday was a beautiful day with a high of 56, no wind, and no rain. It was cloudy at times, but there was a lot of blue sky and sunshine, too. It was a perfect day to pick up the … Continue reading

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On the 4th day of sunshine…

Yes, it was a nippy 27 degrees when I went out this morning, but the sun was shining across the frosted grass and leaves and the sky was blue for another day. By now, it has reached 44 and it … Continue reading

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Into every life some rain must fall…and into some lives, a lot of rain falls

It is not even half way through the month, and already we have had 7 1/2 inches of rain. The promised thunderstorm came in last evening about 8. It is still raining over 18 hours later, with a forecast of … Continue reading

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Pecan crusted catfish lafitte

I have been in a rut on cooking of late and have been trying some different menu items. While we did not care for the lemon-herb roasted chicken I made Saturday, last night’s pecan catfish lafitte was a hit. While … Continue reading

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Weekend update: New bottle art and porch paparazzi

I watched a You Tube tutorial on making bottle art with clay…and I am really not into watching videos. But I have to admit, it was very helpful, and since then, I have looked at a few more. The basic … Continue reading

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Porch buddies

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