The view from my kitchen sink

What to do when you do not have a window

When we first moved here, there was an open pass through between the kitchen sink and the addition room, once a sunroom, now serving as the dungeon basement. After J moved into the room, we closed up the window with sheetrock and it served as my bulletin board where I pinned items I liked. I also added a mirror, so my back was not to the door.

With the renovation, we removed the window created the lovely backsplash of marble. I had always planned to put a mirror back, but had not done it yet when I decided I would rather look at art work than myself. While I kind of miss the variety of items that rotated through the window over the years, I don’t miss them in context of the new kitchen, which probably does not even need to be said.

Photograph, recipe, or card display; dried flower display, hook for hanging decorative item

When deciding how to arrange the flatware on the canvas, I thought turning the forks upright would create the potential to stash a new photograph or one that I really enjoyed looking at. My friend sends me postcards from her travels and I used to keep them on the refrigerator door until I eventually moved them to my wall collage by my computer. In trying to figure out how to have a hook in case I wanted to hang something (I was actually thinking dish towel as I have no place to hang a dishtowel) I decided to use two of my solo vintage lids. The one in the upper right section had a small triangular chip on the rim, and by turning it up, I could use it for a mini vase to hold dried flowers. I am fond of displaying small arrangements of dried flowers in tiny vases. The blue and yellow lid serves as a knob that can hold anything very light, not that I was planning to use it for a cast iron pot anyway.

My art rotation of “interesting things I like to look at” will be much smaller and neater this go-around. Sometimes when things change, we can miss it. And other times, change is just an opportunity for new adventures.

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24 Responses to The view from my kitchen sink

  1. “And other times, change is just an opportunity for new adventures.”

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  2. β€œAnd other times, change is just an opportunity for new adventures.” You are right, of course!

    We don’t have a window at our kitchen sink either.

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  3. A perfect spot for your creation!

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  4. kocart says:

    The new look is very clean while still personal. Well done!

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thanks, kocart. I like it. I have missed the elevator stories; hope all is well with ya’ll. One of these days I will get on the road again and might spot some. I am going to Texas in May finally, and I am sure I will see some!


  5. peggy says:

    You sink and backsplash are beautiful. I like the color of your faucet. I can see why you use to have a mirror on the wall. Your artwork looks lovely above the sink.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Peggy. I like the faucet, too. The knobs and handles are stainless and bronze, because I wanted stainless appliances and sink, but I really loved that bronze faucet. I like the artwork there, too, but for now, no mirror.

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  6. Jessica says:

    That is AMAZING!!!!!


  7. A lovely view for your kitchen. Beautiful kitchen!

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  8. I love your backsplash and the artwork you created for it. You are so creative and skilled, Sue. πŸ€—

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