Ever have one of those days when what you intended to do was not what you did? Me, too. I had an agenda all planned yesterday of things I wanted to accomplish. I have been dragging my heels on finishing a couple of things that need finishing, but I really just don’t care about the project any more. It was one of those “It looked really good from a long way off” ideas and then I start thinking what was I thinking? You know, when the relationship starts to feel lopsided…and then you start recalling every time this has happened.

Enter R: I need your help this afternoon.

S: Okay; I figured you would.

Let’s just say it involved putting a bed frame together, which also involved moving a bed frame, and mattress, and everything in the proximity of said bed…and then the bed frame was the wrong size. Meanwhile, I had seized the unexpected opportunity to delay my project even longer and start another one I have been dragging my feet about. While R was putting the incorrect size bed frame back in the box to return, I started yanking down curtains and pictures. I had read an item recently about using a microfiber mop to wash the walls and I was itching to try it out. It was just as easy as they said it would be. First, I dry mopped the wall to remove any dust or cobwebs, then rinsed it clean and did a wash with Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena. I followed that by a clean water rinse wash. The thing about a microfiber mop (which you know if you use one–yes, Betty, I am looking at you!) is they rinse clean easily and then slide back on the mop handle, unlike the traditional mop. Windows were washed. Floor was vacuumed twice. Then I started on the bookcase, which is filled with books neither of us has any desire to keep and will not read again. I got the first shelf done before R was ready to put the old bed back together and again needed my help.

Meanwhile, we talked. There is something about being alone in a room with no interruptions and discussing important things while doing mundane tasks that is helpful. Like the feelings I am having on the project I don’t really care about anymore but feel an obligation to finish as it impacts two people I do care about.

R: What are you going to do?

S: Go and call it a vacation. Shop, eat out, take photographs of New Deal sites…and maybe go join the protest at the Capitol. Sometimes, talking to strangers is far more productive as well as interesting.

Last night, I finished the piece that has been on hold while I waited for the perfect inspiration. It was sunny, and though cold, nice enough with a hoodie and the fire pit. Beyoncé was ecstatic to sit on my lap. I cleared a few more of the limbs that are lying all over the yard from the recent storms, made shredded pork tacos for dinner, watched The Equalizer with Queen Latifah, and said “Tomorrow is another day.” Many times the adventure I create from an unrealized vision is better than the vision, and there is no reason to think this one will not be just as awesome.

And now, R is off to work and I am off to start on shelf 2! Sometimes, it is good to tackle a project where you can at least see the outcome!

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9 Responses to Reimagine

  1. peggy says:

    Well it looks as if your agenda change was productive.

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  2. Betty says:

    It sounds like there is some reorganizing going on here – in more ways than one. Hopefully, all projects will turn out satisfactorily in the end. And at least the walls are clean. You can’t go wrong with a micro fiber mop.

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  3. Beth says:

    I’m hearing you, sister, I’m with you here! I have those days that don’t go as planned, just like my wandering about days when I never reach my destination but come home satisfied with my exploring’s. And I have lots of those UFO’s – UnFinished Objects stashed around that I have lost interest in, need to finish, and find ways to avoid. I’m hearing you, keep talking!

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  4. The house projects never end!

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