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And the winner is…

It is no surprise that in 1936, the winning selection for the University of Mississippi athletic teams was “Rebels.”  Following Coach Walker’s suggestion to ask sports editors in the south to add suggestions along with those of the students and … Continue reading

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Ole Miss Seeks Name for Teams

According to the Hattiesburg American Front Page News, “Ole Miss is to have a long needed name for its athletic teams” … on May 16, 1936.  While doing New Deal research this past week, I spied the headline, which of … Continue reading

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What will it take to end glorification of the confederacy?

If I really wanted to answer that question, I would say “critical scale.”  Critical scale is achieved when there are enough people who want the change, and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.  In what is … Continue reading

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WINGS WorldQuest: Aquilina D. Lestenkof

I spent 5 weeks on St. Paul Island, Bering Sea, Alaska in 2008–a place I had never heard of, let alone thought to visit.  I was there as an itinerant behavioral health worker.  On many of the outer islands in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

Dad was a Juneteenth baby, born 1925.  While home the summer after he died and mother had gone into assisted living, it fell to me and Sis to clean out the house.  It was, as things like that often are, … Continue reading

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Bank of Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain, Mississippi is probably most widely known for being home to Blue Mountain College.  The former Bank of Blue Mountain on the corner of Railroad Avenue and Main Street was established in 1905 when the bank purchased the site … Continue reading

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On retiring

Yes, at last the coveted day arrived officially May 31 as my insurance with the state ended and my Medicare became primary.  Although I have been off the payroll since May 9, there was much to do to wrap up … Continue reading

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Becoming Steffi

Naming a dog is something of an art, unless it is just happenstance.  After a while, one needs to stop saying “puppy” or “Pupperdoodle” or “little dog” and anoint with a proper name.  We had tried out a few names … Continue reading

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Triodanis perfoliata hiding amongst the clover and chickweed, Oxalis crassipes ‘Rosea’ aka Oxalis Cottage Pink Wood Sorrel, Beyonce hiding amidst the grass, and a new crop of moss

I have spotted these tiny purple star-shaped flowers throughout the yard.  They are a member of the angiosperms family of woody and non-woody forms of plants.  Considered the most diverse of all plants, they reproduce via flowers and seeds contained … Continue reading

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Finding Purpose

Lately, I have had numerous dreams of “trying to get home.”  It began with the loss of my mother February 2019.  Mom crossing over was so much harder than Dad barely a year before.  I have always had dreams of … Continue reading

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