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Snow Day 2022

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Cochrane-Africatown Bridge: Mobile

The Cochrane-Africatown cable-stayed bridge carries traffic across the Mobile River at Africatown (aka Plateau) and then back to I-10. It is an alternate route for trucks carrying hazardous cargo as they cannot utilize the tunnel on I-10. Africatown was founded … Continue reading

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Sun on the sycamore and organization in the pantry

We have had sun the last two days, and I was able to sit outside, have a fire in the firepit, and watch the sunset. It was hard to say whether the glow of the sun was more orange than … Continue reading

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Curry Chickpea Soup

Readers of the great Florida RV camping trip series may recall I had a delicious curry chickpea soup for dinner one night, and loved it so much I thought I would try to create a version. The first attempt I … Continue reading

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Sunset January 5, 2022

I had to make a late run to the store today and this scene greeted me as I stepped out of the car. The store and parking lot are up on a hill, so all the trees do not get … Continue reading

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How traditions get their start

Many years ago, a colleague said to me: When someone asks me to do something, and it’s a long way off, it seems like a good idea from way far off. Then, the closer it gets I find myself asking … Continue reading

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It’s New Year’s Day: What can we do to distract ourselves now?

I have developed a habit over the last month that is not in my best interest. I wake at my usual time around sun up, get up and go feed the cats, take a potty stop, get a glass of … Continue reading

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Christmas Clementine Cake from Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen’

One of the blogs I follow that I really enjoy–both her delightful style of writing and story-telling about the foods she cooks, as well as the recipes and instructions, is Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen.‘ Earlier in the month of … Continue reading

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Rocking the Christmas red and green party lights

Remember back when I first posted about the color changing lights Rando installed atop the new cabinets…and I said I could not see me using the red ones unless I was throwing a rockin’ Christmas party? Mom always said I … Continue reading

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The view from the west: It’ll do

The sunsets this week have been particularly orange, once even casting the orange glow onto the sycamore tree. The weather has been perfect for an evening fire just before dark, Beyonce’s favorite time with me. It has been a busy … Continue reading

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