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Monday morning update

Breaking news…from yesterday. We watched the University of Mississippi’s baseball team win the College World Series last night. Wow, what a game that was! All you could see in the stands were a flood of red, blue, baby blue, and … Continue reading

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A change of pace and a change of view

Yesterday as I went to walk, I opted again for Lamar Park. It was a little earlier than I had been walking, so still a good deal of sun on the trail. I decided to take the path I had … Continue reading

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Dancing with an albatross

In another of the unmarked sculptures at Lamar Park, I have been unable to locate the artist and the title. Ya’ll know what that means. I will be talking about standpoints again. Somewhere along the way in my MSW education, … Continue reading

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It’s a walk in the park

One thing that is a drawback to living where I do is there is nowhere to walk unless you get in a vehicle and drive there. So be it: it was time to get serious about regular walking again. The … Continue reading

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Monday in the ARK: Acts of Restorative Kindness

Here’s that new week for us to enjoy! It is another hot one in Mississippi and it was already sultry and heavy when I went out before 8 to feed the hillside zoo. Fortunately, these little guys and gals were … Continue reading

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Mimicking nature in your cup

Sometimes I notice how colors and textures to which I am drawn are the same as those that draw my attention in nature. While making tea this morning, I decided on Himalayan Golden Tips, and chose the Peach Lustre tea … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Magnolia Update

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Yesterday’s magnolia

Magnolias are losing their stamens–the pollinators will be tracking all over, carrying on the work of cross pollination…and the life cycle continues.

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Magnolia Madness in May: I promise to stop soon

Overnight, the magnolia flowers decided “it’s time.” I checked this morning and three of the blooms from yesterday have opened. There is a tiny ant on the carpels–the yellow cone-shaped part. These will be home to the female gametophytes. Below, … Continue reading

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The blooming of the magnolia has begun!

Breakfast with the sweet magnolia this morning! Amazing how overnight things can so quickly change. Perhaps it was the little mini flash flood rain late evening that pushed the blooms to open up. Last evening, none were beyond the early … Continue reading

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