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New Fall Flowers

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day, even if somewhat windy for the second day in a row. I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up some additions to the fall line-up and was thrilled to find Swiss chard and … Continue reading

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It’s bee-autiful outside today

It is one of those gorgeous fall days that I love so much: cool, sunny, and clear, with just a golden glow on everything. The bees are out in force in the yard, flying in and around and past me … Continue reading

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At last, I have herbs…

Every spring I normally purchase my favorite herb bedding plants or on occasion, grow them from seed. This spring, no matter where I looked or how often, they were not to be found. Yesterday I went to Home Depot to … Continue reading

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The hell flowers are bloomin’ again.

Every year these brilliant red lilies bloom in two places on the hillside. I know autumn is here when they show their spidery big blooms overnight. I read somewhere the first time I looked them up that they were often … Continue reading

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A heron amongst the geese

Yesterday I walked again–first time in a week. While I have done my best to stay active here at home, working in the yard and house, the afternoon thunderstorms have kept me out of the park. Yesterday I finished up … Continue reading

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The view from my window

Life is like a vessel We fill it up With things Memories, objects, hopes, dreams Sometimes The weight of it Cracks –neither good nor bad– But it empties out all the same Pouring gifts Losing hope The message depends on … Continue reading

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Rain, cooler temperatures, more rain, and meditations from the dock

Rain is currently abundant here and cooling things off in some welcome relief from the heat. After the rain let up yesterday, I took the opportunity for a cooler walk. Almost all the way around the lake, and the geese … Continue reading

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On being productive and meat and potatoes

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I made major progress on decluttering and cleaning and packing. My kitchen counter bar is once again uncluttered. My desk is partially uncluttered, and the recycle bag is full. I headed off … Continue reading

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Not Lake Michigan walk

While Betty and Dan cooled off at Lake Michigan, Katie is getting ready for the beach, and Jane and Rich are off on yet the third great adventure this month with a landing in Iceland prior to heading on to … Continue reading

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The Day After…

Yesterday I posted about the delicious stuffed shells that Dorothy featured on her recent post for the New Vintage Kitchen. Last evening, I reheated the leftovers in the oven, added some chickpeas I had left from my lunch of chickpea-stuffed … Continue reading

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