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The 1939 Community Quilt

This quilt recently made a grand reappearance, and is now safely packed ready for transport back to Texas…albeit, not Elbert where it originated. In 1939, a group of women from the Elbert, Texas community pieced this quilt and signed their … Continue reading

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What’s in your kitchen cabinets?

It has been a wild week of purging closets, cabinets, the china hutch, the file cabinet…ad nauseam. Although the cabinets were not scheduled to be delivered until the third week of July, we received notice that some of them were … Continue reading

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Mother was born on this day in 1927. For years, I would get the days mixed up, thinking it was May 25 or May 27. Finally one year, Mother said “5-26-27” and I never forgot it again. Mama and Papa … Continue reading

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Mother’s Scrapbook

The year my grandparents sold the house in town and bought a small travel trailer, I stopped by while Mama was cleaning out the house. In the pile of trash she had tossed into the yard I spied Mother’s scrap … Continue reading

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Poor Woman’s Garden Gazing Ball

While I was writing my dissertation proposal, Mother accompanied me to Ruidoso, New Mexico for a working road trip. I wrote in the mornings while she slept in, then we’d have lunch in town and shop a little before I … Continue reading

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Elbert Store and Masonic Lodge

The Elbert Store was once part of a string of businesses along both sides of the street, including two grocery stores.  During our visit with my two cuz from mother’s side of the family, we stopped in to visit with … Continue reading

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Papa’s Farm

During our cousin reunion/research, we drove up to Elbert one morning to the old farm where we spent so much time as children.  The current owner, who knew my grandparents and parents, is always kind to let us visit, although … Continue reading

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Grain Elevator, Delhi, LA

Ever since I began reading Our Grandfathers’ Grain Elevators: The men of slip-formed concrete and the buildings they created in North America, they have taken on a new significance for me.  I always admired the structures, and many of them … Continue reading

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Elbert School Revisited

This building was still standing, albeit barely, and in very poor shape, when I was there in December 2011.  The original post can be seen at the link to the Elbert School.  This is the school my mother attended in … Continue reading

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The Feed Store: Elbert

Town was deserted–or at least appeared to be–the day I was in Elbert.  The sign on the feed store says “Open” and the gates are open.  I found it amusing that there is the fenced enclosure on the porch of … Continue reading

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