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September Serenade

Johnny Winter is a dog, cleverly disguised as a cat. Among all the cats who have appeared in our lives, only two stood out as dogs. Blackie would play fetch with Randy in the living room. Randy would toss the … Continue reading

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this update….

You know what they say: when it rains, it pours. Just when you think it is safe to breathe a sigh of relief, Mississippi throws a curve ball…or truthfully, the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico throw multiple curve … Continue reading

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Katrina Recovery Merlot and Resurrection Katrina

I have been known to select wines because I liked the label, although that is not my only criterion. This process began because when I first started drinking wine, I would study the label information to learn a bit about … Continue reading

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The importance of being flexible

The first year I was on faculty at the University, our department chair gave us each a pin like this one. He said he knew it was “cheesy” but he also knew we were embarking on the difficult journey of … Continue reading

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The Wreck of the Brazos Bridge

While I was searching for information about the Newcastle Variety Store earlier in the week, I ran across the newspaper advertisement of the town lot sales in 1908: the town’s founding. The Perkins Townsite Company of Decatur, Texas ran a … Continue reading

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Cedar trinket box: How Betty got her [name] groove

We lived in Newcastle from the time I was 3 until I was 7. I was probably around 5 or 6 when my Grandma took me into the Variety store, and “found” this box with my mother’s name carved in … Continue reading

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Yorktown Art Deco shape: Edwin M. Knowles ‘flower pots’

I picked up this plate somewhere back in Texas, intrigued by the lovely shape and colorful design. For years, it was displayed on an easel on the buffet. The move to Mississippi took its toll on a lot of things, … Continue reading

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The Souvenir Mystery

While clearing out a chest on the screened porch, I ran across this small plaque. It belongs to Randy, and I have seen it frequently over the years. I had never paid it much attention and actually thought it was … Continue reading

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When a plan does not work, back up, and start backing up again

All three piers are now complete: filled with concrete and mortared into place, sitting on that 16 inch deep ground fill of concrete and rebar. After a day of rest today, tomorrow is sunny and dry, so I will head … Continue reading

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Rain rain, go away, little Suzi wants to finish building a house

When I sent Rand a message that we were interrupted by a downpour, his reply was: “Mississippi is a harsh mistress!” (Note: who said it is the mistress who is harsh–besides Rando, I mean? Maybe Mississippi is a harsh master, … Continue reading

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