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Do the next thing: Breathe.

Yes, Taylor Hill is still on the list of things to be mended. I have not tackled any of the things on the list of “what needs doing now?” since the great mishap of the injured muscles. But time has … Continue reading

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Celebrate the small things

The air conditioning/heating units are installed in the studio–time for another celebration! I lost 2 additional pounds–time for another celebration! I am still standing–time for another celebration! After a couple of days without more rain, and intermittent sunshine, yesterday morning … Continue reading

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Wandering Wednesday: I am on a streak!

I started an online Spanish course and have completed 22 days straight of exceeding my target goal. I took Spanish in college, and retained a tiny bit. Later, I developed a special directed study on Spanish for Medical Social Workers … Continue reading

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I really gotta get new glasses before I cook again…

I love Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen where she shares recipes and the stories that accompany them. Last week, she posted a beautiful upside down cake that made me think of a steamed pudding or a cobbler like the kind Mom … Continue reading

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Parmesan pecan crusted mahi mahi with roasted tomatoes

It was cold and windy and snowing yesterday and I had no desire to attempt the grocery store. Not only was it cold and windy and snowing, it was Saturday which typically means long lines here. I ventured outside long … Continue reading

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Who sits outside in a wool scarf, sweater+sweatshirt, wrapped in a blanket, just to make a fire and drink wine?

I think you all know the answer to this question. You might be rolling your eyes, shrugging your shoulders, or thinking or saying out loud: “What is wrong with her?” Here is the deal though–I think of it as rather … Continue reading

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Curry Chickpea Soup

Readers of the great Florida RV camping trip series may recall I had a delicious curry chickpea soup for dinner one night, and loved it so much I thought I would try to create a version. The first attempt I … Continue reading

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Christmas Clementine Cake from Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen’

One of the blogs I follow that I really enjoy–both her delightful style of writing and story-telling about the foods she cooks, as well as the recipes and instructions, is Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen.‘ Earlier in the month of … Continue reading

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Rocking the Christmas red and green party lights

Remember back when I first posted about the color changing lights Rando installed atop the new cabinets…and I said I could not see me using the red ones unless I was throwing a rockin’ Christmas party? Mom always said I … Continue reading

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The Floridian for the last supper

We had dinner on the patio of the Floridian on our first foray into historic St. Augustine, because Rosie the poodle was with us, and besides, it was lovely outside. That was my day 8 of camping you may recall, … Continue reading

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