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Grandma’s Table step 3 followed by a fire and medium rare rib eyes

This past week I spent gluing the splits in the table legs and gluing the support bars back in place. It took two days to do all four legs and another two days to do the top and bottom supports. … Continue reading

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New Fall Flowers

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day, even if somewhat windy for the second day in a row. I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up some additions to the fall line-up and was thrilled to find Swiss chard and … Continue reading

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Friday night barbeque after a busy week

Things are starting to shape up more around here finally. Another week of deep cleaning, hanging new drapes, and shredding and recycling copious amounts of paper! Progress on clearing and cleaning the screened porch–at least one can move about without … Continue reading

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I had my first blowout…

…not a party or a hairstyle…the kind that happen in a car while driving. The tire did not survive, but I did of course, or I would not be telling this tale today. If it had to happen, I was … Continue reading

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Fish and shrimp and a new fan!

After another really productive few days, I keep seeing progress. In an adapted version of Dorothy’s baked fish from last week, I utilized tilapia and shrimp last night. The tilapia went in the oven with olive oil, a little white … Continue reading

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On being productive and meat and potatoes

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I made major progress on decluttering and cleaning and packing. My kitchen counter bar is once again uncluttered. My desk is partially uncluttered, and the recycle bag is full. I headed off … Continue reading

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Into the wilds of Memphis for some halibut…and tequila

Yesterday was a rare day for us. We went up to Memphis to Buster’s Wine & Liquor–the mid-town super market for best wines, beer, and liquors you cannot get anywhere else nearby. R rarely drinks and by rarely, I mean … Continue reading

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Stuck on Tuesday

If you have ever been stuck behind the bus of life, you know that there are times there is just nothing to do but wait. If you want to know the rest of that story, you can find it over … Continue reading

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The Day After…

Yesterday I posted about the delicious stuffed shells that Dorothy featured on her recent post for the New Vintage Kitchen. Last evening, I reheated the leftovers in the oven, added some chickpeas I had left from my lunch of chickpea-stuffed … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pasta Shells with Summer Squash & Herbs from Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen

Since I have been on a primarily plant-based eating routine of late, when Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen posted another plant-based meal, I was on a mission to find the ingredients. I love pasta in any form although I have never … Continue reading

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