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“Narrow Passage”: Carl Billingsley

Being a lover of arches of all kinds, I was drawn to this sculpture the first evening I walked in Lamar Park. The oiled steel sculpture was done by Carl Billingsley of Greensboro, NC. The former professor from East Carolina … Continue reading

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Dancing with an albatross

In another of the unmarked sculptures at Lamar Park, I have been unable to locate the artist and the title. Ya’ll know what that means. I will be talking about standpoints again. Somewhere along the way in my MSW education, … Continue reading

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Turn left at the arrow

That’s my line, not the name of the sculpture. The plaque is missing from this sculpture in Lamar Park, and thus far, I have not located the title nor the artist. So, I am making up my own interpretation and … Continue reading

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Listen: What do you hear?

I walked in Lamar Park again yesterday. As mentioned in It’s a Walk in the Park, the Yokna Sculpture Trail has installed a series of outdoor sculptures in Lamar Park in addition to the other participating spaces. The star of … Continue reading

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It’s a walk in the park

One thing that is a drawback to living where I do is there is nowhere to walk unless you get in a vehicle and drive there. So be it: it was time to get serious about regular walking again. The … Continue reading

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Things are just peachy here…

Yesterday was a lovely day–not quite as hot as earlier in the week, with a light breeze and by afternoon, the parking pad and dirt pile were in the shade. It seemed like a good day to haul dirt. I … Continue reading

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Suzassippi’s hauling transport: State of the Art equipment

After the completion of the water treatment installation, there was a bit of dirt left over, and the destination was behind the retaining wall to fill in the space between the yard and the wall. The dirt pile is at … Continue reading

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Napping in the Conservatory

It has been 3 days of clouds and rain, so Johnny was a no show until this morning–when the sun is out full force with nary a cloud in the sky. After breakfast, he ambled over through the broken slat … Continue reading

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Construction of my first bridge: The legend begins!

I have been reading items of interest lately on how bridges get named, and alternative options. I have never particularly thought I had done anything that earned me the honor of having a bridge named after me. But then, after … Continue reading

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Studio update!

Doing the happy dance over here! After all the hidden workings (water lines, electric lines, lights, etc. were finished (the contractor’s crew did all those), J began the interior. Freezing weather and rain did not help, but he has finished … Continue reading

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