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Weather Prediction: Lots of snow pictures today

Yes, it is time for the first snow of the winter, and the resulting flurries of snow pictures. This is what amounts to a big snow day here on Taylor Hill. Hopefully, the rest of us do not have to … Continue reading

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Off to Larson’s for the makings for Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Three generations of the Larson family have been in the grocery business since 1948 when James Larson opened his first store in Water Valley, 18 miles south of Oxford. The Oxford store was opened under the regional Big Star franchise, … Continue reading

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“Dauen: To become day, grow light in the morning”

In one of those coincidences in time where PeggyJoan was addressing sunset and sunrise yesterday, I was up earlier than usual thanks to Steffi deciding she wanted to go out before 7…way before 7. As I stepped onto the porch, … Continue reading

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Ego Integrity vs. Despair: Suzassippi, Artist-in-Residence 2021 at Taylor Hill Cottage

Erik Erikson’s psychosocial theory of human development has often been criticized as we learn more about the wide variations in human development.  It is one of the first theories I learned as a social worker, and while it—like all theory—has … Continue reading

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Riding with the Horsemen

Today, I am riding with the Mughal Horsemen again, using Edwin M. Knowles Sylvan, a pussy willow and yellow pods design from 1934. Since the real Horsemen originated in the 15th century, I thought the least I could do was … Continue reading

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When I ask myself, ‘What would Grandma do?’: Phase 1

This is the section of the yard where we had the tree removed. The top edge is a gentle slope from the level yard, but in front of this concoction is the indentation (cipher = hole) descending toward the drive. … Continue reading

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Boxing Day: The gift of the cardinal in the kudzu vines

There is something akin to amazement every time I look out at the cardinals in my front yard. They perch in the dormant kudzu vines wrapped around the pine trees and hang out on the feeders. No matter how many … Continue reading

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Blue Christmas…the good kind

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The path takes a break for winter solstice

Yesterday turned out sunny and mostly clear, but cooler than it has been. Nonetheless, I donned a sweatshirt and laid 4 more rocks in the path. Remember those “can you find the differences between the two pictures?” puzzles in our … Continue reading

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How about a dose of Vitamin D?

You know, the kind you get from the sun. Wednesday and Thursday were incredibly beautiful, with highs in the upper 60s and sunshine and blue skies. It was perfect for working in the yard, and I took advantage of it. … Continue reading

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