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New Fall Flowers

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day, even if somewhat windy for the second day in a row. I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up some additions to the fall line-up and was thrilled to find Swiss chard and … Continue reading

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First fire in the new fire pit

Randy bought a new fire pit this summer. It is smokeless, once you get the fire started. I have been working on Grandma’s table and continuing the front yard/front porch clean up and he asked if I wanted to move … Continue reading

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Steffi watching the end of a tennis legend

Steffi, who taught herself to toss her own tennis ball and catch it, has always watched TV with us. Last night as we watched the intense match with Serena Williams, Steffi was glued to the screen. Wow, watching tennis is … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to ‘mi esposo favorito’

Today is the birthday of the wonderful guy to whom I have had the good fortune to be married for the last 41 years and the honor of being the father of my only son. I once said I could … Continue reading

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I had my first blowout…

…not a party or a hairstyle…the kind that happen in a car while driving. The tire did not survive, but I did of course, or I would not be telling this tale today. If it had to happen, I was … Continue reading

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Another mystery sculpture: Which way?

On my rainy day walk through Lamar Park, the other sculpture I had not yet photographed beckoned me over. The plaque identifying the sculptor and the name of the piece was missing. As you look at the photographs from a … Continue reading

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Broad shoulder blue boy

After I finished the loop around Lake Patsy on my walk in the rain Sunday, I was feeling invigorated enough to keep going. I had decided to finish photographing sculptures in the park and on a cool and overcast day, … Continue reading

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Dancing with an albatross

In another of the unmarked sculptures at Lamar Park, I have been unable to locate the artist and the title. Ya’ll know what that means. I will be talking about standpoints again. Somewhere along the way in my MSW education, … Continue reading

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Monday in the ARK: Acts of Restorative Kindness

Here’s that new week for us to enjoy! It is another hot one in Mississippi and it was already sultry and heavy when I went out before 8 to feed the hillside zoo. Fortunately, these little guys and gals were … Continue reading

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Chicken and greens

Sometimes, the best comfort is food that tastes good. Nothing on my planned list of To Do this week has been accomplished. There is the dog duty, the grocery store duty (with accompanying sticker shock), filling up the car (more … Continue reading

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