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Broad shoulder blue boy

After I finished the loop around Lake Patsy on my walk in the rain Sunday, I was feeling invigorated enough to keep going. I had decided to finish photographing sculptures in the park and on a cool and overcast day, … Continue reading

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Dancing with an albatross

In another of the unmarked sculptures at Lamar Park, I have been unable to locate the artist and the title. Ya’ll know what that means. I will be talking about standpoints again. Somewhere along the way in my MSW education, … Continue reading

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Monday in the ARK: Acts of Restorative Kindness

Here’s that new week for us to enjoy! It is another hot one in Mississippi and it was already sultry and heavy when I went out before 8 to feed the hillside zoo. Fortunately, these little guys and gals were … Continue reading

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Chicken and greens

Sometimes, the best comfort is food that tastes good. Nothing on my planned list of To Do this week has been accomplished. There is the dog duty, the grocery store duty (with accompanying sticker shock), filling up the car (more … Continue reading

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Dog Days of June

Rand left this morning for a few days with his cousins and his last remaining aunt–the family matriarch now. I have a doctor appointment Wednesday that I cannot miss and could not reschedule, so luckily for Steffi and Abby, I … Continue reading

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Things are just peachy here…

Yesterday was a lovely day–not quite as hot as earlier in the week, with a light breeze and by afternoon, the parking pad and dirt pile were in the shade. It seemed like a good day to haul dirt. I … Continue reading

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Ceylon Smoke: “Sri Lankan version of a Chinese lapsang souchong”

Ceylon Smoke is the newest offering from Rakkasan Tea Company. They described it as “…our savory Sri Lankan version of a Chinese lapsang souchong–a smoked black tea.” It is smoked with cinnamon sticks that are freshly harvested. I love a … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Magnolia Update

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Yesterday’s magnolia

Magnolias are losing their stamens–the pollinators will be tracking all over, carrying on the work of cross pollination…and the life cycle continues.

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Magnolia Madness in May: I promise to stop soon

Overnight, the magnolia flowers decided “it’s time.” I checked this morning and three of the blooms from yesterday have opened. There is a tiny ant on the carpels–the yellow cone-shaped part. These will be home to the female gametophytes. Below, … Continue reading

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