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Snow Day 2022

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Sun on the sycamore and organization in the pantry

We have had sun the last two days, and I was able to sit outside, have a fire in the firepit, and watch the sunset. It was hard to say whether the glow of the sun was more orange than … Continue reading

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Curry Chickpea Soup

Readers of the great Florida RV camping trip series may recall I had a delicious curry chickpea soup for dinner one night, and loved it so much I thought I would try to create a version. The first attempt I … Continue reading

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Sunset January 5, 2022

I had to make a late run to the store today and this scene greeted me as I stepped out of the car. The store and parking lot are up on a hill, so all the trees do not get … Continue reading

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It’s New Year’s Day: What can we do to distract ourselves now?

I have developed a habit over the last month that is not in my best interest. I wake at my usual time around sun up, get up and go feed the cats, take a potty stop, get a glass of … Continue reading

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Christmas Clementine Cake from Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen’

One of the blogs I follow that I really enjoy–both her delightful style of writing and story-telling about the foods she cooks, as well as the recipes and instructions, is Dorothy’s ‘The New Vintage Kitchen.‘ Earlier in the month of … Continue reading

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Rocking the Christmas red and green party lights

Remember back when I first posted about the color changing lights Rando installed atop the new cabinets…and I said I could not see me using the red ones unless I was throwing a rockin’ Christmas party? Mom always said I … Continue reading

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Welcome to my kitchen: The menu for today is…

With the exception of locating a small table for the dining space, I have pronounced the kitchen complete…well, almost. I am still deciding if I want a couple of shelves over the counter. One of my favorite things is being … Continue reading

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Today’s post is not for the squeamish: The CWA and WPA Sanitary Privy Projects

A few days ago, I completed a submission for the Living New Deal project about the state-wide sanitary privies built in Mississippi. Looking at the photographs taken by New Deal Administration photographers, I realized Grandma and Grandpa had one. The … Continue reading

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Into the darkness, waiting for the light…

Somehow, it seems a bit anti-climactic after all this time. Maybe that is a good thing I will have to be sans electricity for a few days. I will just think of it as camping without hook-ups. We are now … Continue reading

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