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Things are looking up a little

It has been over a week now since I left for Jackson, and tomorrow, will be a week since I returned. It being the beginning of spring in Mississippi, yellow pine pollen is everywhere, covering everything. The wind has been … Continue reading

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The view from floor 7

I often take a photograph from the window of my hotel, and I have certainly over the years had some pretty great views. This was not one of them. It did look better at sunrise and at night when the … Continue reading

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When life is a walk in the park

Yesterday was the kind of day I needed. It was a pretty day, not raining for a change, and I headed to Lamar Park. The park was full of families picnicking, playing with their kids, fishing, walking, and just lying … Continue reading

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Some things just defy explanation!

I might have too much free time these days. Happy Friday.

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La alegría de la cocina: Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kitchen?

I finished the last placement of the clay art on the 2 liter bottle last night. I will glaze it with a matte finish after it cures a bit longer. When I started this vase, I intended to cover the … Continue reading

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A work in progress from Taylor Hill

It has been rain city here for 3 days and still counting, plus, the temperature dropped to freezing. Before the ice came, I made a run to the grocery store this afternoon. R said, “It is raining.” Yes, I know; … Continue reading

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About that tradition…

Except for the occasional grilling or barbecuing or smoking that Randy does on the Texas Trio Grill and Smoker, I am the chef around here. It gets tiresome on occasion, since unlike in Texas, I don’t have a herd of … Continue reading

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Into every life some rain must fall…and into some lives, a lot of rain falls

It is not even half way through the month, and already we have had 7 1/2 inches of rain. The promised thunderstorm came in last evening about 8. It is still raining over 18 hours later, with a forecast of … Continue reading

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Jeweled and decoupaged trinket box: Thanks again, Jessica!

I can be like a kid with a new toy when I find something else that catches my fancy. First it was Cathy over at RoatanStrineWay and Wordle…now it is Jessica at Jeweled Again by Jessica. It is one of … Continue reading

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First Freeze 2022

Last night was the first freeze of the fall. I moved the winter cat house to the front porch and Beyoncé and Scruffy were snuggled in while I enjoyed the fire pit. After dinner, I brought in the herbs because … Continue reading

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