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Randy Bakes “Fancy Party Cookies”

Last year at work, Rand participated in the Christmas Cookie Exchange.  I baked his cookies for him, and scanned my mother’s well-worn and well-loved sugar cookie recipe.  In their exchange, they gift 2 cookies per person of all the cookies … Continue reading

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Keesler Bridge, Greenwood

Keesler Bridge spans the Yazoo River from Fulton Street on the south side of the river to Grand Boulevard on the north side.  As part of his January-October 1986 survey of historic bridges in Mississippi, Jack D. Elliott, Jr. surveyed … Continue reading

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Take me back to dry west Texas

Labor Day weekend and the epiphany: There is a reason for ecosystems.  Not that the realization was the epiphany, but that being raised in the ecosystem of dry west Texas leaves one ill-prepared for moving to Mississippi and the ever-present … Continue reading

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Former Bank of Itta Bena

The Bank of Itta Bena was chartered by Governor Longino in 1900 with a capital stock of $25,000 (Vicksburg Herald, 07 Jun 1900, p. 2).  In 1902, the bank let a contract for a $10,000 building “to be completed by fall” … Continue reading

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More Moorhead

Continuing with the little jaunt through Moorhead, Mississippi’s downtown commercial area, the Moorhead Public Works Administration swimming pool constructed in 1934 was located near this site.  The pool was completed on December 13, 1934 for a total cost of $6,995. … Continue reading

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Former Bank of Moorhead

The history of this building was harder to track down than a dog walking through a river.  I was unable to locate any mention of the bank in the newspapers until 1909.  However, Dunbar Rowland came to the rescue with … Continue reading

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Where the Southern Cross the Dog

Back a number of years ago, I first read about where the Southern Cross the Dog in a Farm Bureau magazine quiz.  I had never heard of it, and it was an intriguing story about the town of Moorhead and … Continue reading

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Mississippi Gulf Coast…for real

This spring is flying by…or more accurately, driving by.  I have been on the road more days than not since January 1.  The first week of March was the annual conference for the National Association of Social Workers. My colleague … Continue reading

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From high atop downtown Jackson

Last Thursday night found me on the 11th floor of the Jackson Downtown Marriott Hotel.  While I enjoyed my room service meal of chicken milanese, with baby broccoli in beurre blanc, and smashed potatoes, I could not help but wonder … Continue reading

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Iron Bridge, Teoc Community

  Teoc, Mississippi is a small community off Highway 7 north, between Greenwood and Avalon.  Research on New Deal Administration buildings in Mississippi introduced me to Teoc, and upon discovering it is just off the road I travel to and … Continue reading

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