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Another look at Listen: Chris Wubbena

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O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Yesterday was Canada Day for those north of the US border. In honour of Anne Marie, I visited the Canadian geese who hang out in Lamar Park and swim in Lake Patsy.

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Another mystery sculpture: Which way?

On my rainy day walk through Lamar Park, the other sculpture I had not yet photographed beckoned me over. The plaque identifying the sculptor and the name of the piece was missing. As you look at the photographs from a … Continue reading

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A change of pace and a change of view

Yesterday as I went to walk, I opted again for Lamar Park. It was a little earlier than I had been walking, so still a good deal of sun on the trail. I decided to take the path I had … Continue reading

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Listen: What do you hear?

I walked in Lamar Park again yesterday. As mentioned in It’s a Walk in the Park, the Yokna Sculpture Trail has installed a series of outdoor sculptures in Lamar Park in addition to the other participating spaces. The star of … Continue reading

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It’s a walk in the park

One thing that is a drawback to living where I do is there is nowhere to walk unless you get in a vehicle and drive there. So be it: it was time to get serious about regular walking again. The … Continue reading

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Off to the grocery store for some mint…

When I pulled up to my favorite Larson’s grocery store, I was awed by this beauty! Raise your hand if you know what it is. Here is a clue in case you did not know: You’re really lookin’ fineThree deuces … Continue reading

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Sunset January 5, 2022

I had to make a late run to the store today and this scene greeted me as I stepped out of the car. The store and parking lot are up on a hill, so all the trees do not get … Continue reading

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Fruit of the Magnolia

Sounds like a Southern romance novel–kind of like living here with its many contradictions. I have noticed the seed pods coming to life with their bright red berries this past week. It has been perfect fire pit weather, with no … Continue reading

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The not ready for prime time players: Dress rehearsal

This backsplash is not an app. This backsplash is really Angora Subway in polished marble, completed by the best kitchen crew in Mississippi: Ron Eubanks and his crew. Ron and Casey tiled last Wednesday, grouted Thursday, and finalized touch-up Friday. … Continue reading

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