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Riding with the Horsemen

Today, I am riding with the Mughal Horsemen again, using Edwin M. Knowles Sylvan, a pussy willow and yellow pods design from 1934. Since the real Horsemen originated in the 15th century, I thought the least I could do was … Continue reading

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Rakkasan Tea and Dave’s Bagels

I support organizations that do meaningful work toward reconciliation and developing human capital. Today’s post is brought to you by Rakkasan Tea’s Nine Dragons Oolong, served in Sibongile Pottery’s guinea cup, and Dave’s Killer Bagels. I have written a lot … Continue reading

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Moriage Dragonware tea cup with Nine Dragons Oolong

No, I did not actually drink my Vietnamese Nine Dragons Oolong from the Japanese tea cup this morning. Rakkasan finally got some tea in that I have been waiting for (Covid has disrupted a lot of supply chains as we … Continue reading

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Mughal Horseman Tea

Mughal Horseman’s Tea from Bangladesh is the newest offering from Rakkasan Tea Company. A black tea, it is “organic, rare and hand-plucked,” very smooth with no tannic bitterness.  This tea has quickly become one of my favorite teas from Rakkasan’s … Continue reading

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A little Friday treat, or: Inspiration might be where you do not expect to find it.

My Rakkasan tea order came in this week, and once again I can enjoy my favorite: Nam Việt Earl Grey made with wild black tea from a mountain in the Yên Bái Province and  bergamot oil from the Reggio di … Continue reading

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Andean Black + Cacao

Thursday my latest batch of tea from Rakkasan arrived, and since this is Sunday, I have now tasted all three of the new types.  Today’s tea hails from the Andes in Colombia, near Bitaco.   I can describe the Andean Black … Continue reading

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Rakkasan Nam Viet Earl Grey

Nam Viêt Earl Grey is our own take on the world famous and always popular Earl Grey tea.  The wild black tea and bergamot combination offers an amazing experience where the character of the tea is enhanced by an orange, … Continue reading

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Although the cup and creamer are not a matched set, I bought them both at the same time in the tiny Elbert store when we visited Papa’s farm back during the birthday celebration for mother when my cousins came to … Continue reading

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The Yellow Rose of Homer Laughlin and Cunningham and Pickett

Back in March, I posted about the above tea cup and lamented I had been unable to identify it.  In a serendipitous moment, I found it.  The Knowles Salem Gold Rose saucer is one I have had for a while, … Continue reading

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Cake for breakfast: It’s a holiday!

That’s right–we are off today, and I needed some self-care.  Since I completed the tea cup/tea series, I have been thinking about teapots, and creamers, and sugar bowls.  I collected tea pots for quite a while after Mom gave me … Continue reading

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