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Friday night barbeque after a busy week

Things are starting to shape up more around here finally. Another week of deep cleaning, hanging new drapes, and shredding and recycling copious amounts of paper! Progress on clearing and cleaning the screened porch–at least one can move about without … Continue reading

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Monday in the ARK: Acts of Restorative Kindness

Here’s that new week for us to enjoy! It is another hot one in Mississippi and it was already sultry and heavy when I went out before 8 to feed the hillside zoo. Fortunately, these little guys and gals were … Continue reading

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Mimicking nature in your cup

Sometimes I notice how colors and textures to which I am drawn are the same as those that draw my attention in nature. While making tea this morning, I decided on Himalayan Golden Tips, and chose the Peach Lustre tea … Continue reading

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Ceylon Smoke: “Sri Lankan version of a Chinese lapsang souchong”

Ceylon Smoke is the newest offering from Rakkasan Tea Company. They described it as “…our savory Sri Lankan version of a Chinese lapsang souchong–a smoked black tea.” It is smoked with cinnamon sticks that are freshly harvested. I love a … Continue reading

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Good morning, rayita de sol!

Good morning from a beautiful sunny blue sky in north Mississippi. It is a little chilly out still with mid-50s, but a perfect day for doing outdoor chores this afternoon when it reaches the 60s. It is incredibly uplifting to … Continue reading

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Celebrate the small things

The air conditioning/heating units are installed in the studio–time for another celebration! I lost 2 additional pounds–time for another celebration! I am still standing–time for another celebration! After a couple of days without more rain, and intermittent sunshine, yesterday morning … Continue reading

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Wandering Wednesday: I am on a streak!

I started an online Spanish course and have completed 22 days straight of exceeding my target goal. I took Spanish in college, and retained a tiny bit. Later, I developed a special directed study on Spanish for Medical Social Workers … Continue reading

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Roast Pork Tenderloin with Chili Fig Sauce

I actually cooked dinner last night. It has been a rough few weeks in Lottabusha County, especially on the Taylor hillside. We had the first major delay in the construction that has consumed our lives since last summer, with a … Continue reading

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Ella Gap Oolong (Sri Lanka) from Rakkasan Tea

On a more relaxing change of pace, I am enjoying the latest tea offering from Rakkasan Tea Company–the best tea in the world. As soon as I got the email last week announcing the addition of “a rare, hand-rolled Ceylon … Continue reading

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And the Winter Games begin…

I was preparing my oatmeal this morning when I heard a noise outside that sounded like a heavy truck. I thought it was the well service since he is due to put in the water filtration system today. I stepped … Continue reading

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