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I have rectified the red rocks under the watchful eye of the red bird perched aloft in my red bud tree: The Pathway is finished.

Today was sunny, clear, and warm at 61. I headed to Home Depot for a bag of sand, another bag of paving sand, and 3 new plants. Rain is headed this way tomorrow, and temperatures in the 30s for the … Continue reading

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New Deal in Texas: Bunger PWA School House

The Bunger school house is in Young County, just a few miles down the road from Graham, my home town.¬† It was completed in 1936 as PWA project W1255 and is rock veneer.¬† Miss Fannie Ragland was the county superintendent … Continue reading

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A Texas kind of Christmas

Rio and I have been busy these past weeks, but we will be back soon!

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(Former) Young County Jail, 1921

Tex., Graham–Jail–Young County will vote May 3 on $40,000 jail bonds; W. H. Reeves, County Judge. (Manufacturers Record Publishing Co. Volume 79, May 5, 1921, p. 162. Baltimore, MD) Graham was sorely in need of a new jail facility as … Continue reading

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Works Progress Administration: Possum Kingdom Bridge

Politically speaking, the best of all landscapes, the best of all roads, are those which foster movement toward a desirable social goal. John Brinkerhoff Jackson, in Discovering the Vernacular Landscape¬† On my recent trip to Texas while researching the Eliasville … Continue reading

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