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The good thing about April deluges: They wash away the pine pollen

Yesterday late afternoon was quite lovely, with intermittent rays of sunshine and darkening skies. It was too breezy out for a fire, but as I was enjoying the view, I saw the first indigo bunting of the season and went … Continue reading

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Welcome to Taylorville-on-the-hill: A graphic novel for the birds

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The view from my window

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to removing the pet door from my window into Libby’s former kennel. Thursday, I actually got around to cleaning the window, inside and outside. Wow! I can see through it! It is … Continue reading

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Great Back Yard Bird Count 2022

I usually have a lot more birds than this year. At first count early afternoon Saturday, I only spotted 2 species. By 4:30 however, the tree was filled with cardinals (5 male and 3 female), my earlier visitors of the … Continue reading

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Boxing Day: The gift of the cardinal in the kudzu vines

There is something akin to amazement every time I look out at the cardinals in my front yard. They perch in the dormant kudzu vines wrapped around the pine trees and hang out on the feeders. No matter how many … Continue reading

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Communal Dining

After intermittent thunderstorms and a lot of rain, the neighborhood gathered for dinner at dusk.

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Cardinal Rules

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Snow Day

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How do I love thee? Enough.

The snow has begun in earnest now.  I posted earlier on the Lottabusha Chronicles about the beginnings of the winter storm.  I went out early this morning to fill bird feeders, and it has gone from this: to this: I … Continue reading

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Cardinals and Flamingoes: A New Twist on Birdbrain

If there is one thing I do love, it is an older woman who knows how to dress her age–any age she wants to!  Just today as I was getting my hair done, my hairdresser said her mother is always … Continue reading

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