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Stevens Kitchen on Farish Street

Number 604 N. Farish Street–like other locations in the district–has a storied past.  From 1947 until 1961, Shepherd’s Kitchenette was listed in Victor Greeen’s Travel Guide for the African American motorist as located at this address.  According to Flucker and … Continue reading

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“When did the focus change from the Farish Street Historic District?”

Rosalind McCoy Sibley asked that question, and it needs an answer (Farish Street-A Slightly Different Perspective, Jackson Advocate, 2015).  I do not have it, and apparently, neither does any one else who has followed the “miscalculated missteps” of the project, … Continue reading

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Palace Auditorium

Farish Street’s Palace Auditorium was constructed c. 1911.  In 2014, the Business Journal  reported The circa 1911 Palace Auditorium, 318 North Farish Street, is the lone building on the 300 block deemed to “contribute” to the cultural and historic value of … Continue reading

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Crystal Palace, Farish Street Historic District

My current research on the Green Book Travel Guide took me to Jackson for the weekend.  Though my primary purpose was photographing extant sites from listings for Jackson, I can never pass up the opportunity for any interesting or unique … Continue reading

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Let’s meet at Lucy’s Deli for lunch

Lucy’s Deli is still listed in the various food venues in Jackson, right here at 524 Farish Street across from Big Apple Inn.  My best guess is that Lucy has not been serving sandwiches from here for a while.  In … Continue reading

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