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Let the turkeys go campaign

We aren’t so much turkey people any more. We almost always had roast chicken and dressing for holidays until the family got so large a turkey and sometimes a ham was on the menu. One year, I made a chili … Continue reading

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Jeweled and decoupaged trinket box: Thanks again, Jessica!

I can be like a kid with a new toy when I find something else that catches my fancy. First it was Cathy over at RoatanStrineWay and Wordle…now it is Jessica at Jeweled Again by Jessica. It is one of … Continue reading

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Le Bistro improvements

I did a bit of rearranging and changing on the front porch yesterday–a gorgeous fall day that started early when Steffi decided it was time for breakfast before 7 a.m. I have to admit, the rose and gold light against … Continue reading

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Thursday: A replica

This whole week thus far has been jam packed with errands: Post office, R to PT, R to doc for followup visit, grocery store, Walmart run, Walgreens run, recycles run. I was so pooped yesterday, I took a nap when … Continue reading

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Bistro wine bar is currently open for happy hour!

Sunday was just a glorious day and I ended it as I often do with a glass of wine, Beyoncé on my lap, and a fire. Part of the reason I wanted this table redone was so I could use … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to ‘mi esposo favorito’

Today is the birthday of the wonderful guy to whom I have had the good fortune to be married for the last 41 years and the honor of being the father of my only son. I once said I could … Continue reading

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I had my first blowout…

…not a party or a hairstyle…the kind that happen in a car while driving. The tire did not survive, but I did of course, or I would not be telling this tale today. If it had to happen, I was … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s child: A mash-up

Recent items: repaired two pillows that Steffi decided were chew toys mowed the front yard before the rain came today trimmed grass from the sidewalk, edge of fence, house, and retaining wall pinched finger in the hinge while locking the … Continue reading

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Missing in Action

Let me introduce myself again. Things have been really busy here on the hillside and I have gotten a lot done, which did not involve blogging. I miss the connections, but then, when one seldom goes anywhere at the moment, … Continue reading

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Stuck on Tuesday

If you have ever been stuck behind the bus of life, you know that there are times there is just nothing to do but wait. If you want to know the rest of that story, you can find it over … Continue reading

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