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Do you want ketchup with that burger?

And lo and behold, I found Portobello caps in Kroger this week! I picked up some fresh corn still in the husks, which is how we like them cooked. I had saved a recipe for black bean burgers I found … Continue reading

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Look under the rock: An inspiration from Anne

Mehrling Muse posted an interesting story about ice in the bird bath. One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is when conversations emerge between two (or more–those are really fun!) bloggers. Through an exchange, Anne responded with a … Continue reading

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A little Friday treat, or: Inspiration might be where you do not expect to find it.

My Rakkasan tea order came in this week, and once again I can enjoy my favorite: Nam Việt Earl Grey made with wild black tea from a mountain in the Yên Bái Province and  bergamot oil from the Reggio di … Continue reading

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