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Mama told me a lot…but she never told me there would be days like this!

Remember the song:  “Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this my mama said.”  (Thanks to suzieflamingo for the lyrics correction.) First off, I will just have to say I miss my mother…but since I seem … Continue reading

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About those statues…

I know we have all read and heard a lot of things of late regarding historical statues, and “erasing” history.  I am not advocating erasing history, nor am I advocating glorifying people and causes that should not be glorified.  It … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

It is no surprise that in 1936, the winning selection for the University of Mississippi athletic teams was “Rebels.”  Following Coach Walker’s suggestion to ask sports editors in the south to add suggestions along with those of the students and … Continue reading

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Royal China Company: Sebring, Ohio

Beatrice Miller established Royal China Company in Sebring, Ohio in 1934–a bold move for a single woman and her 2 male business partners during the Great Depression.  In 1950, she still held the singular distinction of being “the only woman … Continue reading

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Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial

At the South Gate of Kensington Palace, and adjacent to the Memorial to Princess Diana, the fences are covered with tributes.  Flowers, photographs, signs, candles, and stuffed animals cover the fence along the walk.  Although we, as well as many … Continue reading

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2020: The Year of Clearer Vision

Here is that fresh new year ahead of us, just waiting for us to write the stories, the pictures, the music, the learning, the relationships, the fun, the sadness, the opportunities that each moment brings for us to become a … Continue reading

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