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How long did the remodel take in dog years?

As days go, yesterday was a trying one. You know that thing I said about ‘jinxing’ the kitchen renovation? The thing I said about it being the final day yesterday? It almost was, but there is another saying that “almost … Continue reading

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Steffi looking spiffy for Puppy Stan

Dear Stan, I am writing to introduce myself to you, as my human mom, Suz, shared your kind comments with me earlier this week. I understand we are both named for superb tennis players and it just seems natural that … Continue reading

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Steffi Standing Dog

Steffi is about a year old now. She stands on her hind legs more than any dog I have ever seen–her favorite position is up against the wall by Rand’s office where she can stick her head in to see … Continue reading

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Steffi in September

That cute little puppy from May is now the adorably rambunctious adolescent. She outgrew the small crate a month ago and now her super-charged condo takes up most of the space in front of my closet. She is longer and … Continue reading

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