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Memorial Day 2022

Thank you to all who have served. In memory of Dad, Uncle Glen, Uncle Bill, and my brother by another mother, Lynn.

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Moriage Dragonware tea cup with Nine Dragons Oolong

No, I did not actually drink my Vietnamese Nine Dragons Oolong from the Japanese tea cup this morning. Rakkasan finally got some tea in that I have been waiting for (Covid has disrupted a lot of supply chains as we … Continue reading

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Veterans Day, 2020

Dad was 85 the year he rode in his first Veterans Day parade. Growing up, we heard the occasional stories of his experiences, but like many of the women and men who served during World War II, he did not … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Dad

Dad was a Juneteenth baby, born 1925.  While home the summer after he died and mother had gone into assisted living, it fell to me and Sis to clean out the house.  It was, as things like that often are, … Continue reading

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