Terrezza: Optical Optics

Do you see what I see?

We were due to depart Fort Pickens Campground Saturday morning, and had been able to arrange an appointment to get the vent fan cover replaced on Friday–a half hour job. We had planned to visit the Pensacola Historic District while we waited. Just as we began the downtown exploration, the RV shop called and said they also had to replace the entire fan unit. We walked a few of the blocks on Palafox street, but frankly, it is hard to take photographs while trying to corral a dog. The sign for Terrezza Optical caught my eye. The building itself is a rather nondescript pink stucco–a victim of an unsympathetic renovation. It is a c. 1890 Masonry Vernacular.

The first newspaper item for 113 South Palafox was August 1890 when L. M. Davis Dry Goods store starting running daily advertisements. After his retirement in 1895, H. S. Freeman opened a furniture store in the location in late fall. The 1900s ushered in a lot of transitions for the building, and it housed several stores, including:

  • A. Di Lustro restaurant, 1905
  • Friedman Dry Goods, 1908
  • Boston Shoes Store, 1912
  • London Woolen Mills, tailor, 1915
  • Gundersheimers’ men and boys clothing, 1922
  • La Mode ladies clothing, 1923
  • Extensive remodeling of the building was carried out in 1927 by La Mode
  • Franklin’s Ready-to-Wear, 1938
  • Beverly’s women fashions, 1946
  • Butler’s Shoe Store, 1950
  • Marilyn’s Shoes, 1958
  • Pensacola Gas Service Appliance Store, 1973

In 1983, Broadley’s (unknown business) debt was secured by Patrica Terrezza. In 1993, Dr. Gene Terrezza opened his optometry business in the building and now owns stores in other nearby Florida locations.

I find the “space-age” metalwork anchoring the name to the side of the building interesting–rather similar to Spiderman’s web-shooter. Alas, no descriptions of the significance of the sign design turned up.

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5 Responses to Terrezza: Optical Optics

  1. Julia says:

    The sign does rather look like it is hanging from Spiderman’s webbing.

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  2. Betty says:

    So, I wondered if all Terrezza Optometry signs have a similar spider man hanger. From what I can see at the website, the answer is no. Although, the location in Foley, Alabama, does have the identical hanging spectacles. I couldn’t tell much else from the website, except that they would love to see us. So, my next question is: was the hanging apparatus there for earlier businesses in the building? To me, I don’t see spider man. I see part of a Victrola. We will be in Foley early next May. Perhaps when I am there the store there will catch my eye. P.S. As I’m sure your friend knows by know, you can never just replace part of something in an RV.

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