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Pop a little bite of delicious into your mouth: Ronit’s mini tarts

I have been moving toward the “less is more” category of late. Ronit’s mini tarts fit the bill perfectly last night! I have probably eaten a phyllo shell since I have eaten any number of small pastries, particularly when I … Continue reading

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When life is a walk in the park

Yesterday was the kind of day I needed. It was a pretty day, not raining for a change, and I headed to Lamar Park. The park was full of families picnicking, playing with their kids, fishing, walking, and just lying … Continue reading

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This is for the birds…

I did not start out to make this. Sometimes, things just happen. While playing around with clay bits left over from making tiles, I ended up with a bird’s nest, a tiny bird, and some eggs. And then a swan. … Continue reading

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White textured vase with yellow carnations

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Some things just defy explanation!

I might have too much free time these days. Happy Friday.

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Florida beach mementos, clay tiles, and cutting a smooth edge on the bottle: Celebrate the little things if you don’t have big things

I took a little break from doing wine bottle art to work on a new effort: making small clay tiles. Seventeen more tiles of various shapes, textures, and colors are in the drying process. I think those little clay tiles … Continue reading

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Daffodils on the hill

It is Monday; the sun is shining and it is 65℉. This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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La alegría de la cocina: Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kitchen?

I finished the last placement of the clay art on the 2 liter bottle last night. I will glaze it with a matte finish after it cures a bit longer. When I started this vase, I intended to cover the … Continue reading

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Inspiration from the Red River Clay

The vase on the far right was Grandma’s. All I know about it is that it was a gift from one of her sons and the clay came from the Red River between the Oklahoma and Texas border. It is … Continue reading

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