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Feeling the blues

It is frequently good to be married to a geek and to have a son who is a geek. Got technology? They are always finding the next best thing since sliced bread. Although the final finishing touches are still awaited, … Continue reading

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Warnagala Wild Sri Lankan tea

I got an email last week from Rakkasan Tea Company that they had a limited amount of a wild-grown black tea from Sri Lanka. Knowing that when Rakkasan is able to obtain a superb tea (like the wonderful Black Ruby … Continue reading

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Hope is a dog; hope is fall season; hope is a September bloom

This morning felt more like fall than since the season change crept in. There is something about the light in fall that always makes me think of a special filter on a lens: the air just looks different. A couple … Continue reading

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How long did the remodel take in dog years?

As days go, yesterday was a trying one. You know that thing I said about ‘jinxing’ the kitchen renovation? The thing I said about it being the final day yesterday? It almost was, but there is another saying that “almost … Continue reading

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And now, the winner for the semi-finals is….

At last, after a weekend with a range and refrigerator–one in the kitchen this time!–the sink is finally in and water back on! Today the covers for the toe-kicks go on, the door to the Super Susan goes on, and … Continue reading

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Deciphering bottle marks: The Owens-Illinois water jug pitcher

Back in the early 1970s, we found this half-gallon pitcher jug under the house, along with a light aqua gallon jug and a ribbed soda bottle.  I think that may have started my collecting of old bottles and jugs, and … Continue reading

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Getting close…I know it counts in horseshoes, but kitchens?

Last night was a celebration of sorts…real food, not microwaved frozen food, or sandwiches, or take-out. It is rather inconvenient to not have water and sink in the kitchen, but cleaning the grill after dinner was not that difficult. It … Continue reading

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