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Mardi Gras Purple looks red to me

I spent a little time working on the porch again [AKA sidewalk bistro] and enjoyed a little respite in the late evening. Yes, these are Mardi Gras lights, and they were purple in 2007 when I bought them. Maybe they … Continue reading

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Bring your cat to the Bistro night

Perfect sweatshirt weather, but too windy for a fire. The next best thing is a little candlelight. In gathering the family genealogy, I found a painting that Mom had intended to frame for years but never had. It was painted … Continue reading

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Another ‘Round Tuit’

Back in September when R’s niece and hubby were scheduled to visit, I bought a new shower curtain and liner for the hall bathroom. Once J finished his bathroom next door, I was planning to paint and make a few … Continue reading

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Le Bistro improvements

I did a bit of rearranging and changing on the front porch yesterday–a gorgeous fall day that started early when Steffi decided it was time for breakfast before 7 a.m. I have to admit, the rose and gold light against … Continue reading

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Thursday: A replica

This whole week thus far has been jam packed with errands: Post office, R to PT, R to doc for followup visit, grocery store, Walmart run, Walgreens run, recycles run. I was so pooped yesterday, I took a nap when … Continue reading

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First Freeze 2022

Last night was the first freeze of the fall. I moved the winter cat house to the front porch and Beyoncé and Scruffy were snuggled in while I enjoyed the fire pit. After dinner, I brought in the herbs because … Continue reading

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Bistro wine bar is currently open for happy hour!

Sunday was just a glorious day and I ended it as I often do with a glass of wine, Beyoncé on my lap, and a fire. Part of the reason I wanted this table redone was so I could use … Continue reading

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Dining al fresco at the Suzasippi Sidewalk Bistro

Before and After Back in mid-August, I started the project to re-do Grandma’s table. Who knows where she found these legs and attached a plywood round to it. She covered it with a skirt and used it for a bedside … Continue reading

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When the rain gets your wood wet…

We enjoyed the fire from the bag of wood pellets that came with the Tiki so much that we order a couple of 4-pack boxes, which arrived Wednesday. Thursday, it poured rain, starting just as I was about to enjoy … Continue reading

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The beginning of waning gibbous

Just after sunset, the moon was supposed to be visible in the evening sky, but it was fairly dark and it was not yet visible here. A short while later, I looked out to see it visible. Last night, the … Continue reading

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