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Focus: Foreground or Background?

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The Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences, Kensington Gore

  Royal Albert Hall was constructed along with the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.  Her Majesty the Queen Victoria announced the planned opening for March 29, 1871 (The Pall Mall Gazette, January 26, 1871, p. 14). Indeed, the Royal Albert Hall … Continue reading

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The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens

Prince Consort Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria from 1840 until his death in 1861.  Having a passion for the arts, Prince Albert was the inspiration behind the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London.  The complete title was the … Continue reading

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Haywood Farms: USDA Farm Security Administration project

The New Deal’s Resettlement Administration was established in 1935, under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935.  The RA’s purpose was to create planned communities to “resettle destitute or low-income families from rural and urban areas” (Resettlement Administration, Living New … Continue reading

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What we should have learned from the New Deal 1933-1942

My dad and mother were children of the Great Depression.  I grew up hearing the stories of the survival of their families–when so many did not.  When I began to work on the Living New Deal project, I felt a … Continue reading

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Shrimp White Bean Bruschetta

How could anything so simple taste so good?  While reading the news in the Washington Post a few days ago, something called Voraciously appeared with a header about one pot-one sheet pan-one skillet meals.  I love to cook, and I … Continue reading

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Alison Lapper

In 2006, quite unexpectedly, R and I found ourselves in London for a very short few days.  We took one of those hop on-hop off bus tours for a few hours.  Also quite unexpectedly, as we entered Trafalgar Square, we … Continue reading

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Hilgard Cut

Like most stories, there is a lot more behind Hilgard Cut and the University Avenue bridge over it than is evident by this marker.  I discovered quite by accident that the bridge was a New Deal Administration construction, and in … Continue reading

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“The Queen of Yohomia”

Chances are, unless you were from Mississippi c. 1935, you are not familiar with the Queen of Yohomia.  It is, after all, a look back at a period in time with the foresight of 85 years of experience.  Other than … Continue reading

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Haywood Farms: Jungle Gym Fever

Last August on our trip to Nashville, we stopped for me to photograph part of the Haywood Farms Project.  As a child growing up in the 1950s, I spent plenty of time on “monkey bars.”  I was fascinated that the … Continue reading

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