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On being productive and meat and potatoes

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I made major progress on decluttering and cleaning and packing. My kitchen counter bar is once again uncluttered. My desk is partially uncluttered, and the recycle bag is full. I headed off … Continue reading

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Not Lake Michigan walk

While Betty and Dan cooled off at Lake Michigan, Katie is getting ready for the beach, and Jane and Rich are off on yet the third great adventure this month with a landing in Iceland prior to heading on to … Continue reading

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Monday morning musings

Looks like another day of taking it easy inside–heat advisory until 9. Good thing I finished the mowing last evening. In other news, finally reached the 10 pound weight loss. Perhaps if I would get a little more consistent, it … Continue reading

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Into the wilds of Memphis for some halibut…and tequila

Yesterday was a rare day for us. We went up to Memphis to Buster’s Wine & Liquor–the mid-town super market for best wines, beer, and liquors you cannot get anywhere else nearby. R rarely drinks and by rarely, I mean … Continue reading

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Stuck on Tuesday

If you have ever been stuck behind the bus of life, you know that there are times there is just nothing to do but wait. If you want to know the rest of that story, you can find it over … Continue reading

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View from the window

In the face of a merciless overload during “that fall” one of my beloved colleagues said to me: You do not have to fix 20 years of mistakes in 1 semester! We were facing daunting expectations, were short staffed, leaderless, … Continue reading

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The Day After…

Yesterday I posted about the delicious stuffed shells that Dorothy featured on her recent post for the New Vintage Kitchen. Last evening, I reheated the leftovers in the oven, added some chickpeas I had left from my lunch of chickpea-stuffed … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pasta Shells with Summer Squash & Herbs from Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen

Since I have been on a primarily plant-based eating routine of late, when Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen posted another plant-based meal, I was on a mission to find the ingredients. I love pasta in any form although I have never … Continue reading

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Sunday Roundup

Last weekend the last remaining of the elders on Mom’s side of the family crossed over to join the ancestors. Aunt Gwen was married to my mother’s brother. I did not really realize it until looking at her obituary, but … Continue reading

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Why I sometimes see things others don’t…

Not long ago, I posted about this sculpture, which to me looked like a dancer with ocean waves and a bird soaring overhead. On a recent return to the park, I approached the sculpture from the opposite side, and fish … Continue reading

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