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It all started with smashing garlic…

Last week a package came for me, from an address and a person whose name was unknown to me.  Inside was this handmade dishtowel, and no card.  Knowing my friend Jane has a penchant for handmade gifts, and shares the … Continue reading

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The Amazing Transformation

Ta-da!  In a mere 2 days, with one piece of excavation machinery, two trucks with trailers, a concrete mixer, 9 workers, and $$$$ later, I will actually be able to drive up the driveway without inching over the giant abyss … Continue reading

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Rio, go rest high on that mountain

I have struggled with how to write this post for 2 weeks.  I retired Rio’s gravatar on April 7.  This morning, I resurrected it.  Not seeing him did not lessen the grief, nor does seeing him make it harder.  I … Continue reading

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Gibtown TX Tabernacle

I was down in Texas last week helping out the folks.  Monday, Mom and I had planned to drive over to the Gibtown cemetery, where two sides of her family settled when they moved to Texas after the Civil War. … Continue reading

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Training Day: Where are you going?

Corrections and additions on April 6th: The sun was just peeping in the east windows this morning when I was startled awake by the sound of a siren horn–the kind that officers “blurp” a couple of times behind you to … Continue reading

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Finding solace in a whirlwind

Yep, this is pretty much how I feel right now—like last spring’s flowers, droopy, ice-covered, in a fading pot.I have those intermittent moments where it seems like there is a spotlight showcasing something of importance…like photography and blogging.  You know, … Continue reading

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