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Saturday night in Mississippi: Cold, raining, dark.

It is a rather dreary and damp evening here, with rain falling all day. It feels colder than it is, so R and I are bundled in our hoodies because the thermostat has not indicated it is time for heat. … Continue reading

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Let the turkeys go campaign

We aren’t so much turkey people any more. We almost always had roast chicken and dressing for holidays until the family got so large a turkey and sometimes a ham was on the menu. One year, I made a chili … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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Grandma got her hammer out: Porch railing repair

Yesterday was calm and clear and sunny, and at only 48, nice enough to work outside. When J rebuilt the stairs in his studio (another episode in the now 17-month saga of the building of the studio which has been … Continue reading

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Suncatcher II: Seeds for Sale

Song: ‘The lark now leaves his watery nest’ By Sir William Davenant (1606–1668)   THE LARK now leaves his watery nest,   And climbing shakes his dewy wings, He takes your window for the east,   And to implore your light, he … Continue reading

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Artist-in-Residence: Suncatcher

In my quest to repurpose items to keep them out of the landfill, and my love of all things in outdoor decor, and, do it without spending money (other than a little paint), I found a few examples of repurposing … Continue reading

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Friday Fun and Games

I got the second coat of paint on the light post and the handrail. It was clear and sunny and slightly windy, so it had a chance to dry before the rain came in last night. I am pleased with … Continue reading

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I got a new coat…of paint!

Yesterday I started on the porch railing. First, I had to saw the beveled edge off the old post so I could mount one of the new solar lights. I scrubbed the post and opposite handrail with soap and vinegar, … Continue reading

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Jeweled and decoupaged trinket box: Thanks again, Jessica!

I can be like a kid with a new toy when I find something else that catches my fancy. First it was Cathy over at RoatanStrineWay and Wordle…now it is Jessica at Jeweled Again by Jessica. It is one of … Continue reading

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Miss Kitty joins Beyoncé for Happy Hour

I took Miss Kitty out to the Bistro and a little late afternoon sunshine. She was a calm and delightful guest for her first visit to a sidewalk bistro. It has been too windy and wet for a fire lately, … Continue reading

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