Saturday night in Mississippi: Cold, raining, dark.

Bottle Art

It is a rather dreary and damp evening here, with rain falling all day. It feels colder than it is, so R and I are bundled in our hoodies because the thermostat has not indicated it is time for heat. I finished painting the second coat on the porch railing yesterday afternoon, so it had time to dry before the rain began.

It was definitely long overdue. I still plan to remove the railing entirely, but I knew that needed to wait until later in the spring and now I will have time to research what I want to do; perhaps, we will even be able to build the deck extension from the porch to the retaining wall. It is supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow, and Randy will smoke the ribs we delayed from Thanksgiving, so it will be a good time to relocate all the plants.

Like birds on a wire 
we perch in the abyss 
between heartlines and lifelines and skylines. 
Reflecting the reflection 
We imagine 
We break through 
Reflect and reform 
Always looking for she who brings peace. 
© scwallen. 11/o6/2022
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18 Responses to Saturday night in Mississippi: Cold, raining, dark.

  1. peggy says:

    We had all that rain here too. It sure made for a cool, gloomy day. Your bottle art is a nice project for rainy days. A good picture of the birds on the wire.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Peggy. I ran across the birds while cleaning out some things. I took it out the back door of our house in Abilene one year, when those birds were everywhere. They liked to congregate at the park behind our house.

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  2. Lovely poem, lovely bottle, good work done. I say it was a marvelous day!

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  3. Betty says:

    The railing looks very nice. You have a lot of wine bottles there. They each have a lot of personality!

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  4. Julia says:

    After such a stunningly beautiful Thanksgiving day, we got a lot of rain on Saturday. We did enjoy the results on Sunday at the Flat Rock State Park. The waterfall was spectacular with the additional water.

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  5. Beth says:

    We’ve had lots of dark, dreary days in November with a few sunny fall days in between. Rain? No rain, just messy drizzle but we take what we get! The porch rail looks great and the bottles are beautiful!

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  6. I love those bottles – especially the one with the little bird.

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  7. Jessica says:

    Your bottles are amazing. I’m not sure how I missed all these posts…

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