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Mid-Century for Mid-Week

I love mid-century modern decor, especially in someone else’s house.

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It’s time for “Marvelous Monday”

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Off to the grocery store for some mint…

When I pulled up to my favorite Larson’s grocery store, I was awed by this beauty! Raise your hand if you know what it is. Here is a clue in case you did not know: You’re really lookin’ fineThree deuces … Continue reading

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Napping in the Conservatory

It has been 3 days of clouds and rain, so Johnny was a no show until this morning–when the sun is out full force with nary a cloud in the sky. After breakfast, he ambled over through the broken slat … Continue reading

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Construction of my first bridge: The legend begins!

I have been reading items of interest lately on how bridges get named, and alternative options. I have never particularly thought I had done anything that earned me the honor of having a bridge named after me. But then, after … Continue reading

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I said I’d be back…who is the sheriff now?

And as the sun begins to sink into the western horizon…

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St. Patrick’s Day toast

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Welcome to Taylorville-on-the-hill: A graphic novel for the birds

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The view from my window

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to removing the pet door from my window into Libby’s former kennel. Thursday, I actually got around to cleaning the window, inside and outside. Wow! I can see through it! It is … Continue reading

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I really gotta get new glasses before I cook again…

I love Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen where she shares recipes and the stories that accompany them. Last week, she posted a beautiful upside down cake that made me think of a steamed pudding or a cobbler like the kind Mom … Continue reading

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