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Among my finds on my jaunt around the Square Sunday afternoon: I know I have seen this cover before, but I cannot seem to find where.  My guesses in this order are Preservation in Mississippi, Urban Decay, or Marty Kittrell. … Continue reading

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Quitman County School Bus Shop: Formerly known as car dealership

I have driven past this building for at least 8 years.  I cannot recall the first time I actually noticed it, as in “Wow! Look at that building.”  I know that I did not recognize it as an Art Moderne … Continue reading

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Return visit to Alligator

I had a hint of an important building to try to locate in Alligator, so I made a quick exit off 61 on my recent Mound Bayou meeting.  I might have found the building, but I am checking out the … Continue reading

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Bank on Delta Avenue

I am getting more adept at using the MDAH database at last, which may save a lot of time!  This is the old Bank of Clarksdale, estimated date 1901, Neoclassical design.  That would make it the older of the other … Continue reading

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Low Society

Mandy Lemons and Low Society, live from New York City plays the Yazoo Park stage at Juke Joint Festival 2012 in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Bank of Clarksdale Building

Update 4/19/12: Thanks to the MDAH database and some additional sleuthing, I discovered the information about this building, and solved another mystery.  The building was built in 1930, by Wessell Construction Company.  Architect was Hanker and Cairns.  It is a Neoclassical/Beaux … Continue reading

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Main Street Pawn

  The precursor to the modern “strip mall” and the Delta is filled with them.  Empty storefronts along Main Streets everywhere signal better times in the past.   As always, I am curious as to what the original purpose of … Continue reading

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Another unidentified building: stairway to where?

This building is next door to the Jefferson County courthouse in Fayette.  I have tried to imagine its uses, as diligent searches have turned up nothing about an unnamed building on Main Street.  Doctor’s office?  Insurance business? There are portions … Continue reading

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Fayette High School

The old Fayette High School was built in 1928, based on the marker at the top of the building.  The building was still in use in 1956, but that is the only information I can locate. The 1956 annual shows … Continue reading

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