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At the table of peace will be bread and justice

I may have mentioned before that I am something of a pack rat, having come by it honestly from my grandparents and father who survived the Great Depression. I have finally started going through the stacks and stacks of things … Continue reading

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The best way to eat oatmeal on Friday

Ah, Friday at last, and the paper is not only done, we already have the acceptance and a pending publication date. I celebrated by sleeping late, and having oatmeal and Laughing Man for breakfast. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I … Continue reading

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Autumn leaves and light: Slowing down

Things have really slowed down hill on the hillside in the past two weeks…me included. While I do love the fall season more than any other, it feels different this year. I am outside often, working in the yard on … Continue reading

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Rando and the Rock Mop Hop

I finally conducted the necessary research to answer the question of Rando Rock vs. The Betty System. While I do not pretend that Rando and his computerized robot mop can hold a wet candle to the Betty System, I am … Continue reading

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Keep on ‘Rock’ing in the yard, Johnny Winter

Yes, someone left the “Kind-hearted woman lives here” sign out in the woods again. I came out one morning last week to find this beautiful boy sitting at the edge of the parking spaces, with Beyonce, Dilute, and Scruffy hissing … Continue reading

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“The Rock” but not Dwayne

The Roborock arrived Monday. After sending Bobsweep into retirement, Rando was leaning toward the Sharkbot. Next thing I know, he says the Rock is on its way. He did his due diligence with even more attention to the diligence this … Continue reading

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Poliomyelitis: History, myths, vaccines, and naysayers

I ran across this 1936 news item not long ago, and it has increasingly been on my mind, given all the ongoing updates and debates about COVID-19, vaccines, anti-mask, anti-public health control measures, and now of course, the increasing number … Continue reading

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Now this is what I’m talkin’ about: My new BFF

The weather has turned cooler here at last, and this is my favorite time of year: fall, when it is gorgeous outside. We have been awaiting this time of year to get started on all the outdoor projects that have … Continue reading

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