The London Eye: Millennium Wheel

On the South Bank

The second day in London we took a stroll down to the River Thames after I finished my presentation. It was fairly clear and sunny that morning and early afternoon, but turned cloudy before long, so we headed back to the Underground to make our way back to the hotel and find a place for dinner.

I recognized the London Eye, which sits on the South Bank of the Thames. It opened to the public in 2000 as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, but by our visit in 2006, it had been surpassed by China’s Star of Nanchang which was 16 feet taller. However, it is (or was) the world’s tallest cantilevered wheel meaning it is only supported on one side. It celebrated its 20th birthday in March 2020–and we all know what was happening around the world then.

Alison Lapper statue in Trafalgar Square

The following day we did our hop on/hop off tour. It is interesting now as I am looking back at the photographs to note how often the sky changed, and, in this series, how often the London Eye was visible from various locations

Across from Buckingham Palace
Looking over Parliament Street
From Lambeth Bridge
Westminster Station
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13 Responses to The London Eye: Millennium Wheel

  1. Katie says:

    Did you ride it? I was too chicken back when we visited London a few years ago. I regret it now. I’m sure the view would have been worth confronting my phobia of heights.


  2. peggy says:

    I have done some reading about London over the years. About the London Eye, the Thames River. The hop on/hop off bus tours and several other attractions. Enjoyed youe photographs and information about your trip.

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Thank you, Peggy. There were so many places that I had no idea what or where they were, except for the obvious ones, like Westminster Abbey, the Sanctuary, etc. Still, it is fun going back and finding them now and learning more about them. Feel free to chime in with any information!

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      • peggy says:

        Most of what I have researed about London includes the well known places. Will probably never get there at my age. I know my granddaughter wants to go someday and I hope she can. She is in college to become a physical therapist. Perhaps she can afford to travel there later in her life.

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  3. We have a friend who takes all her visitors to the London Eye. I’ve enjoyed the photos she shares. It must be marvelous to find the Eye in many of your pictures.

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  4. Betty says:

    I did not realize the London Eye was cantilevered!


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