Monday morning update

Breaking news…from yesterday. We watched the University of Mississippi’s baseball team win the College World Series last night. Wow, what a game that was! All you could see in the stands were a flood of red, blue, baby blue, and white Ole Miss fans. It was a fun ending to my very active day.

Lamar Park upper drainage

I decided to go walking after the rains let up. It was cool and beautifully overcast. The drainage ditch was flowing as I headed toward Lake Patsy again.

Lamar Park lower drainage

I decided to walk the little stretch on the back side that I had short-circuited last time.

It sounds like a cliche, but I have always enjoyed walking in a gentle rain–when I was not trying to stay dry to get to work. It was 75 with the rain, and I put on a cap to keep water out of my eyes and off my glasses, and let the rest fall on me. It was like a little slice of fun pie but burning calories instead of consuming them. After the back side, I just kept on going!

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18 Responses to Monday morning update

  1. I couldn’t stand getting caught in the rain when I was working. Now, I could walk for miles in it and get soaked through to boot. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Betty says:

    Congratulations on the baseball game. The walk sounds very nice. Everyone, including the geese, was enjoying the water. 75 is a wonderful temperature! I’ll take that any day – rain or shine!

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  3. peggy says:

    It is fun to walk in a gentle rain. Sounds like a lovely day and your photos were great. Those geese seem to be enjoying the wet day.

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  4. I love walking in a gentle rain as well; it feels so cleansing, and refreshing!

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  5. Beth says:

    Yes, I was excited for Ole Miss to win this championship! What a team and Hotty Toddy! I love to watch the rain, so did my Daddy, and if I have an umbrella and closed toe shoes don’t mind a walk in it. Love the pictures, so peaceful!

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  6. Mags says:

    It looks as if the geese were enjoying it all right along with you. A soft rain is nice to be in. No rain here for awhile but I did accidentally get a nice shower from the sprinkler when I watered the yard one day last week.

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  7. Julia says:

    I loved playing in the rain when I was a kid. My parents didnโ€™t like us to play outside in the rain since they always worried about lightning. But if we had to do chores in the rain, it was okay. I was never sure what their logic was.๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

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  8. I love putting on my polka-dot rain boots and splashing in puddles!๐Ÿ˜Š

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    • Suzassippi says:

      Cool! I almost bought pink rain boots with ponies on them, but I decided to just go with plain navy blue. Probably a good thing now that they have paint all over them; of course, if I had spilled it more strategically, it could h ave looked intentional.


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