Hushpuckena on old highway 61

Hushpuckena, located between Duncan and Shelby, was once a “flag stop” for the Delta Express train operated by the Illinois Central Railroad.  While searching for the Andrew Jackson Donelson House near Duncan, we passed through this town.  From Highway 61, you can’t see the remains of the town, only a church.  If you take old highway 61, which is now a dirt road, you pass by the remains of the downtown strip.

Once again, we see our old friends the Chickasaw Ironworks out of Memphis, Tennessee.  The students were amazed at how many times we saw these steps and columns after I pointed them out on the bank of Mound Bayou.  They are in every Delta town we were in over the week we were there.

The R. C. Tibbs and Son building is in better shape than its neighbor.  It is impossible to read the sign on the building to determine what type of store was operated here.  I have speculated several times, and the best I can guess is “Merchants & Realty.”

This bead-board counter is about all that remains in the final building on the street, and it won’t last much longer with the deterioration of the building.

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