Macon Masonic Temple

Masonic TempleLess elaborate than Penn Jeffries Krouse’s Masonic Temple in Lexington, nonetheless, this stand alone building has some pleasing qualities to me.  Like many of the temples, it held retail space on the lower floor, and meeting space on the upper level.  In particular, I like the 3-brick basket weave pattern, set on an angle, over the upper windows.  I surmise the center door was the entrance to the stairs.  Take a closer look at the details of the front elevation:

front elevation closeFrom the National Register of Historic Places nomination form for the Macon Historic District,

…symmetrical building…giving a strong vertical emphasis, three engaged piers rise to the top of the parapet, one on the north and south corners, with one in the center of the building. Tablets placed between the piers and below, the second floor windows are accented with decorative brickwork in a round arch design anchoring the vertical block….most fenestration is steel projecting or “hopper window” type…(E. Pauline Barrow, 2001)

Constructed in 1929 by builder B. H. Cline, and designed by architect F. A. Livingston of Louisville, the retail floor offers “Hot Fashions” so get get some “Quality for Less” next time you are in Macon.

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